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Love at First Tap: This Phone holder Uses Magnets to Secure Your Device

* Universal holder works with most phones and GPS devices
* Four powerful magnets are used to help secure your device
* 360-degree rotation makes it easier to view your phone’s screen

Tired of mediocre phone holders? The Mengo Magentic Phone Holder is the real deal. Unlike other standard holders, this one takes advantage of universal mounting technology to hold your phone securely in place. No need for a bulky case holder — this holder uses magnetic technology to grip your phone. In fact, this little holder includes four powerful magnets to help ensure your phone stays in place, even during those bumpy off-road treks.

No tools required — simply clip it onto your car’s dash and place your phone on top for instant access. The smart and sleek design is much less intrusive than other phone holders, and it also works for GPS devices, MP3 players and more. And unlike other standard phone holders, this one provides impressive 360-degree rotation for easier viewing at every angle.

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The shock-resistant, anti-slip holders come with rubberized pads so as to not damage your dash. They also come with different sized holders to help coincide with the type of dash and device you’re using. Talk about curbside service.

With three safe and easy ways to attach your phone, you’ll have no problem seeing your screen without having to take your eyes off the road. And at less than $10, it’s easily one of the cheapest and most effective phone holders on the market today.