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Show Off Your New iPhone with These Barely There Thin iPhone Cases for the Minimalist Lover

There’s nothing quite like the first time you unbox your new iPhone and get to feel the sharp edges and clean glass in your hand. Shortly after that, you often slap a new iPhone case on it and your once sleek new tech is now a bulky brick in your pocket. But it’s 2023, we should be able to have our cake and eat it, too. You don’t have to give up your phone’s sleekness and form factor for a little added protection. That’s where minimalist iPhone cases come in, which are some of the best iPhone accessories to consider.

These barely there iPhone cases are a minimalist’s dream. Thin iPhone cases add virtually no bulk to your phone – especially if you choose to add a skin to your phone instead of a case. That’s because iPhones today are treated with a degree of water resistance, making them impervious to the occasional splash. These cases can retain the natural beauty of your iPhone and provide plenty of variety on how you wish to display it.

Do you want to show off your Product Red iPhone with a transparent case, or do you prefer an ultra-thin opaque case without any logos or design qualities? These minimalist iPhone cases provide plenty of variety in style for those looking to keep their phone’s slim qualities intact. 

While some thin iPhone cases have bumpers on the edges for added protection, you are giving up protection that bulkier cases, like waterproof phone cases provide. Be aware that most thin iPhone cases are more for style and less for protection. But if you consider yourself rather sure handed, delicate with your phone, and want to keep your phone’s form sleek and slim, these thin iPhone cases are for you.

The Best Minimalist iPhone Cases: At a Glance


Apple iPhone 14 Pro Clear Case with MagSafe

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Nomad Modern Leather Case

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Caudabe Veil iPhone 14

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Dbrand White Marble iPhone 14 Skin

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Totallee iPhone 14 Case

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TORRAS Slim Fit for iPhone 14

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Memumi Real Carbon Fiber 14 Pro Max Case

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Added protection

Peel Super Thin iPhone Case

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Why We Chose It: Who knows iPhone better than Apple? This case allows your phone’s true colors to shine through all while being MagSafe ready.

Why get a new iPhone in a cool color if you aren’t going to show it off? The Apple iPhone Clear Case with MagSafe lets your phone’s true colors fly free all while protecting your new handheld. 

We really like how the polycarbonate is flexible and provides protection for all your buttons and cameras, but also allows you to continue to successfully use MagSafe or wireless QI chargers without having to remove your case. It’s no surprise that a case designed by Apple is a premier minimalist phone case for Apple users.


Why We Chose It: The leather protective case adds an elegance to otherwise often bland, plasticy phone cases. 

Why shouldn’t your iPhone case look as good as your wallet? The Nomad Modern Leather Case classes up your iPhone with a leather-backed protective case that is stylish, minimalistic and thin. Even though it’s stylish, it’s still rugged enough to survive up to a 10 foot fall.

SPY tech editor, John Velasco, adored the sophisticated look the case gave to the iPhone using it recently. It is even compatible with MagSafe and wireless charging devices. And unlike other cases that wear, crack and get uglier with use, these cases get more refined, look better and age like a fine wine over time.



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Why We Chose It: If you hate the way a normal case makes your phone feel, this case fits your phone like a glove. 

If you’re looking for a thin iPhone case in the first place, you probably don’t like the way most cases add extra bulk to your phone. The Caudable Veil adds virtually no extra bulk after wrapping around your phone, giving your hands the same comfortable feel of not having a phone case on.

The case adds a little extra grip to your phone too making it feel a little more secure in your hands. But with a phone case this thin, the caveat is limited protection from drops. If you’re as sure-handed as they come, and you want one of the most minimalist phone cases around, this is a great pick.



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Why We Chose It: The thinnest solution available with some of the coolest designs we’ve seen for thin iPhone cases. 

Dbrand makes some of the wildest and most stylish designed skins for not only your iPhone, but also for other handhelds and laptops. These skins can range anywhere from making the back of your phone look like white marble to looking as if your phone has no back at all and you can see the inside components of your phone.

You can even use the customizer and design your own iPhone skin. We’ve tried a bunch out through the years and they’re the coolest way to make your iPhone uniquely yours. Be warned, these skins don’t do much for protection, it is simply for aesthetics to please the minimalist in you.


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Why We Chose It: While being the thinnest case, it also is a great mix of affordability, protection, and lets your iPhone’s colors shine through. 

The case only adds an additional 0.02-inches to the thickness of your phone, so you’ll hardly notice the difference in size, but you’ll feel the extra grip provided by the Totallee Clear iPhone 14 Case.

The thermoplastic polyurethane is clear, but also durable and strong, so the color of your iPhone can be on display while still being protected from drops and scratches. This is a great clear minimalist iPhone case at a good price.


Why We Chose It: This no frills thin iPhone case is a minimalist’s cup of tea.

No labels or logos, incredibly thin and opaque and incredibly affordable; for the minimalist who wears plain colored tees and Chucks, your dream thin iPhone case is here. It’s razor thin, only adding 0.03-inches and only 0.61 ounces to your phone — so virtually nothing.

Although it’s thin, the raised lip around the screen and cameras keep them safe when a butter finger moment occurs. For sub $20, this case is hard to pass for those seeking a minimalist iPhone case.


Why We Chose It: When you consider the protection the thin iPhone case provides along with the price, it’s a must have for minimalists. 

The Memumi iPhone case is constructed of military grade carbon fiber that is drop tested and heat resistant, providing about as good of protection as you can get for a case this thin.

Speaking of thin, the case only adds 0.05 inches to your phone, so it’s not like you sacrifice thinness for protection. You also don’t have to sacrifice wireless charging as you can keep the case on to charge wirelessly. All things considered, this is one of the best options for a minimalist iPhone case.

Added protection


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Why We Chose It: A clear back but with bumpers protecting the outside of your phone make it a good mix of protection and style. 

The clear backing allows for those deep purples, midnight blacks and product reds to be on full display. The protective bumper that wraps around the perimeter of your phone provides extra drop protection that thin iPhone cases often lack.

For MagSafe and wireless charger uses, you’re good there, too. Considering there are no logos on the case either, this is a great choice for those looking for a minimalist iPhone case design.

How We Chose the Best Minimalist iPhone Cases

We looked for iPhone cases that aren’t going to add extra bulk or weight to your iPhone. Remember, the goal is to preserve that beautifully designed iPhone, not mask it in a bulky case. Many of the iPhone cases we tested and reviewed don’t add more than 0.05 inches around your iPhone.

We also included picks from our SPY contributors and editors who use certain cases daily. Finally, we looked for thin iPhone cases that have unique design qualities, like cases designed from carbon fiber to thin cases with rubber edges, to provide you with a variety of styles and additional iPhone protection.