The Best Monitor Stands for a More Ergonomic Workspace

OAKYWOOD Wooden Monitor Stand
Courtesy of OAKYWOOD

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So many of us sit at desks all day long. Whether it’s your desk at work, a designated office at home or your kitchen table — long periods of time sitting at a computer can have some detrimental effects on your health if certain precautions aren’t taken. Spending a long time hunched over a computer can tighten up your neck, back and shoulder muscles and can cause joint damage, put pressure on internal organs and can cause heartburn and slow digestion. No thanks — let’s invest in a better sitting setup instead. That’s right, we’re here to talk about the best monitor stands to keep you from putting yourself in pain all day.

Lifting up your computer on the best monitor stands can bring your line of sight higher, raising your chin and potentially decrease slouching as well. Although these aren’t the best standing desks, the best monitor stands can lift your computer in almost the same way. Alongside the proper desk chair and even footrest beneath your desk, you’re well on your way to an ergonomic office setup that’s going to benefit your body’s energy level, productivity and overall wellbeing.

Ergonomics relies on three important principles: a neutral position, meaning it feels natural; a voluntary motion that maintains the body’s balance; and frequent rest time. Generally, your screen should be about an arm’s length away from you, and your eyes should fall on the center of the screen. These monitor stands can help ensure your ergonomic viewing needs are met and are some of our favorites available to purchase online.


1. AmazonBasics Metal Monitor Stand

This stand raises your monitor or device 4.25 inches and is made of durable metal with a smooth silver enamel coating. It can hold heavier devices such as computers, game consoles and TVs, so you can position them for optimal viewing. It has a weight capacity of 40 pounds so even your heftiest monitor shouldn’t be too much for this tiny but mighty monitor stand that also happens to be quite affordable.

AmazonBasics Metal Monitor Stand, best monitor stand Image Courtesy of Amazon


2. Allsop Metal Art Jr. Monitor Stand

Sleek and modern, this black metal stand can hold items that weigh up to 40 lbs, and is made of steel perforated with air holes to keep your electronics cool. The raised design allows you to store your keyboard underneath when it’s not in use, allowing for more effective use of space. It raises your monitor up 4″ for optimal comfort and has non-skid feet on the bottom that won’t scuff up your furniture even with priceless electronics on top of it. It’s a great accessory to add to standing and sitting desks and can hold up TVs, printers and gaming consoles as well.

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Allsop Metal Art Jr. Monitor Stand, best monitor stand Image Courtesy of Allsop


3. Hemudu Computer Monitor Riser 2-Pack

Each of these great monitor stands in this 2-pack is designed to elevate your screen and give you an ergonomic setup in order to reduce neck and back strain. You can also store your laptop underneath when not in use to save space. You can adjust these monitor risers up to 15 degrees in order to put your screen in the exact position you want, and each stainless steel leg has an adjustable height between 3.4″ and 4.9″. The assembly for each of these risers is easy and the sleek tempered glass has a weight capacity of 88 lbs, impressively double what some of these other options can carry.

Hemudu Computer Monitor Riser 2-Pack, best monitor stand Courtesy of Amazon


4. HUANUO Monitor Stand Riser

Oh, did somebody say “drawers”? We got you. This is the best monitor stand that gives you a little extra room to keep knickknacks, pens, notebooks and wires in a safe space underneath. It holds up to 33-lbs total without ever crushing anything underneath. It raises your screen by 4.7″ total and isn’t adjustable, but that doesn’t matter when you have drawers. You seriously can’t beat the extra space.

HUANUO Monitor Stand Riser Courtesy of Amazon


5. VIVO Glass Ergonomic Tabletop Riser

This stand can work to raise TVs, tablets, printers and many other items, and the right-angle created by the triangle shape makes it an ideal item to place in corners or L-shaped desks. The anti-slip pads keep the riser secure, providing an ergonomic viewing position so you don’t have to strain your neck or back. The stand sits 3″ above your desk’s surface, creating storage space underneath and doesn’t take up too much room on your desk’s surface along with the ability to hold up your monitor, laptop or desktop computer. All in all, it’s one of the best monitor stands that packs more than one punch.

VIVO Glass Ergonomic Tabletop Riser Courtesy of Amazon


6. OAKYWOOD Wooden Monitor Stand

Sheesh, can you say “sleek”? We’ve been a fan of OAKYWOOD for a while here at SPY because they’ve really mastered handsome-looking tech accessories. Like, just look at this monitor stand. We’re naming it one of the best monitor stands because it’s nothing but good-looking. It’s super minimal and comes in two different wood finishes, making this one a serious stand to compete with.

OAKYWOOD Wooden Monitor Stand Courtesy of OAKYWOOD


7. AmazonBasics Adjustable Monitor Stand

If you would rather customize your height, this stand from Amazon has stackable legs so you can choose any height from 4 to 8 inches. The non-skid pads along the base keep it firmly in place, and there is eleven inches of storage space underneath it. It works for laptops, monitors, printers and anything weighing less than 22 pounds.

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AmazonBasics Adjustable Monitor Stand Image Courtesy of Amazon


8. LORYERGO Monitor Stand

With a center top spot to keep your monitor standing tall with three more spots to store your phone, laptop and tablet, this is one of the best monitor stands for safekeeping we’ve ever seen. It has an incredibly thoughtful design that leaves none of your tech out of the loop yet prioritizes your monitor. It can hold up to 44-lbs total, so even if you’ve got the heaviest monitor in 2021, you’ll probably be fine. It stands 5.5 inches tall, too.

LORYERGO Monitor Stand Courtesy of Amazon


9. Halter Mesh Metal Monitor Stand

If you’re looking for a monitor stand with additional storage, this model from Halter not only comes with a pull-out drawer underneath but extra side compartments as well. It’s made of solid mesh steel and has a black finish that will simply compliment most home and office decor, and will bring your screen up to a comfortable, ergonomic level for viewing. It provides durable, stable support with non-skid rubber feet and can wear many hats on your desk from organizing documents to storing keyboards, your phone, or tablet.

best monitor stand - Halter Mesh Metal Monitor Stand Image Courtesy of Halter


10. AMT Acrylic Monitor Stand

If you want a monitor stand that will raise your monitor yet remain pretty much invisible otherwise, this is a great option. The high-quality acrylic is super sturdy, but the smooth clear design allows it to disappear amongst the rest of the equipment on your desk. It also comes with a microfiber cloth to help clean any dust or fingerprints that show up.

acrylic monitor stand Courtesy of Amazon


11. AMERIERGO Dual Monitor Stand Riser

Are you the type of person that uses two monitors? If so, boy do we have the monitor stand for you. It has tons of room and storage space to hold tablets, phones, notebooks, binders and more. It divides into two parts so your monitors have space to breathe. Place a plant or other decoration in the middle between for something to look when you’ve been straining your eyes for too long. This monitor stand keeps everything organized in an upright position.

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AMERIERGO Dual Monitor Stand Riser Courtesy of Amazon


12. OROPY Vintage Wood Monitor Stand Riser

A gorgeous wooden monitor stand for under $25? Sign us up. This monitor stand doesn’t have much to it, but it is a very handsome monitor stand to add to your desk. It holds up to 50-lbs and holds your monitor up 5.5-inches to help your posture. Underneath, you can place notebooks, books, journals or your tablet. If you have a dark wood desk, this will match very well.

OROPY Vintage Wood Monitor Stand Riser Courtesy of Amazon


13. Uprise Monitor Stand

This stylish monitor stand can be mounted on a wall or used as an organizer, with adjustable dividers and wall mounting hardware included. It comes in ashwood or white finishes to blend well with the rest of your office decor, and it provides plenty of extra storage space for any work or school supplies that need a home.

uprise monitor stand Courtesy of West Elm

14. Eco-Friendly 2-Shelf Monitor Stand

Made with durable recycled paperboard and other sustainable, non-toxic products, this monitor stand is eco-friendly and super sturdy. It can hold up to 30 pounds and features two shelves for stowing away your keyboard or any other supplies cluttering up your desk space. It also happens to look great with a sleek white design that fits into any space.

eco friendly monitor stand Courtesy of Target

15. Vandorn Monitor Stand

For something a bit more modern and chic, this adjustable computer stand has a tempered glass platform and U-shaped white arms. It elevates your monitor while also creating some extra storage space underneath for a keyboard, mouse and more. Customers love the size and the clean, elegant look.

vandorn monitor stand Courtesy of Wayfair

16. Navaris Wood Monitor Stand Riser

This wood monitor stand is stylish and functional thanks to the cool rounded shape and cork feet to firmly hold your desktop without slipping. It comes in a variety of brown, black and white finishes, each with its own unique wood grain. Customers give this riser tons of five-star reviews, so you know it’s a product that you can trust.

navaris wood monitor stand Courtesy of Amazon

17. Ikea Elloven Monitor Stand

If you’re looking for something with drawers to add a bit of extra hidden storage space to your desk space, this is the perfect monitor stand. The simple design looks great without taking up too much room, and the drawer has built-in dividers to help keep your supplies organized.

elloven monitor stand Courtesy of Ikea

18. Bamboo Monitor Stand and Desk Organizer

You can’t go wrong with this monitor stand and desk organizer all in one. It’ll elevate your screen to reduce strain, and features two compartments for your phone and other small office supplies. The eco-friendly bamboo is durable, bacteria-resistant and easy to clean with a lovely natural finish.

bamboo monitor stand Courtesy of Target

19. Black Malvina Monitor Stand

Another option with great hidden storage space, this sleek black monitor stand has a large drawer to get rid of your clutter and keep supplies within reach. The non-skid pads protect whatever surface it’s placed on, and it includes a cord organizer so nothing ever gets tangled.

malvina monitor stand Courtesy of Wayfair

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