These Cases Turn Your Phone Into a Camera, Beauty Light, Keyboard, Fidget Spinner and More

The Best Multi-Functional iPhone Cases
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* Companies are creating multi-functional phone cases
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* Cases that improve battery life, selfies and open beers

You already know your smartphone holds a good majority of your life–it’s more than just a phone or hand-held computer, it’s your GPS, entertainment center and planner. Believe it or not, you can actually making more use of your smartphone with the help of one of these nifty cases. Here are the best iPhone cases that do more than just protect.

1. Fidget Spinner Case

Protect your phone stay occupies with one of the year’s most hyped products. The solid color makes a simple statement, while the fidget spinner doubles as a phone grip.

fidget spinner phone case


2. Multi-Storage Travel Case – EDITOR’S CHOICE

Never forget your headphones before a long plane ride again. This multi-functional iPhone 7 case offers built-in storage for your Apple earphones, credit cards, cash and lightning cable. Plus, it’s got a built-in prop-up stand for added convenience when taking video calls on the go.

iPhone Storage Case Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Mirrored Card-Holding Case

Now your iPhone has also officially knocked out the need to carry around a card holder and compact mirror for makeup touchups. This folding hard case not only protects your phone from scratches and drops, but it also features a concealed, built-in card holder and mirror for nights out when you don’t want to bring your bag to the bar.

Mirror wallet iphone case Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Beer Opener & Cigarette Lighter Case

This protective hardshell case comes with a hidden bottle opener and a built-in electric cigarette lighter. Never resort to slamming a non-twist off bottle against a table to open your beer again.

Cigarette Lighter iPhone Case Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Universal Waterproof Case – BEST REVIEWED

Talk about a multi-functional case, this universal protector is ideal for those who love to be outdoors and have a passion for high-intensity workouts. It’ll protect your phone from water, sweat and even snow. It’s equipped with a built-in compass that hikers and mountain bikers will appreciate. Unlike many other waterproof protectors, this one’s touch-friendly, so it won’t interfere with your ability to actually use the phone.

Multifunctional iphone case Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Illuminated Selfie Case – BEST VALUE

Ideal for those who love to take glamorous selfies but struggle with finding your ideal, gilded light, this iPhone case features a built-in LED light function that mimics the sought-after golden hour lighting that makes anyone look flawless. Don’t waste your time taking endless shots or experimenting with a million different filters for your next Instagram, just get this convenient case for an effortless #nofilter look.

best illuminated phone case selfie Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Keyboard Cover Case

If you prefer to text or respond to emails with an external keyboard, this protective case is just for you. It features a flip-out case for when you want to type something a bit more lengthy and is easily concealed when you don’t need it.

keyboard phone case slide out cover typing Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Camera Lens Case

Take your iPhone photography to the next level with this unassuming hard case. It includes three different professional quality, HD lenses (fish eye, macro, and telephoto) for your creative needs. Each lens is also easy to change or remove when you aren’t shooting.

iPhone camera lens case Image courtesy of Amazon


9. 24-in-1 Multi Tool Case

This multipurpose phone case is more like a miniature tool kit/Swiss Army knife that you can actually take with you anywhere—even to the airport. The set comes with a protective case designed to hold the nine included tools. It comes with everything from scissors, to a bottle opener, to a flat edge screwdriver. Plus, it’s equipped with a built-in stand and it’s TSA-approved, unlike many Swiss Army knives.

multitool phone case Image courtesy of Amazon


10. Mophie Battery Pack Case

It may not be quite as unique as the others, but Mophie’s Juice Pack charging case sure is practical. It offers supreme protection to your phone, allows wireless charging without the hassle of cable, and extends your battery life by 100%, according to the manufacturer.

mophie battery case Image courtesy of Amazon