Network Storage: The 7 Best NAS Drives for Shared Backups

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* NAS drives connect to your router to share and transfer files
* Access documents and pics and more easily, safely
* Choose from different storage options and features

NAS, or network-attached storage, is a smart and easy way to share files among multiple devices. Essentially, NAS drives provide a faster and more convenient way to access multiple files on different computers at any given time.

Where a traditional storage device simply backs up or stores data on one computer, NAS drives use one device as a central backup system, then let users store and access information on any device they set up. By connecting directly to your router, they’re an easy and stress-free way to access your files at home, at work and everywhere between.

If you’re in need of a storage boost, these seven drives are sure to tick all the right boxes.

1. Synology 1-Bay Diskless Option

Simple, quiet and effortlessly inconspicuous, this NAS drive utilizes Synology’s own private cloud to keep your data always accessible. With automatic backup protocols and smart file protection, you can rest easy knowing your data is safe. Think of it as your own private dropbox.

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 2. Synology 2-Bay Diskless Option

As a slight upgrade to the Synology 1-Bay option, this NAS drive includes a dual-core 1.0 GHz processor for faster load times and an internal raw capacity of 20 TB, which is more than enough for most users. Plus the 2-bay option gives you extra peace of mind, as this NAS drive is able to backup your files two times over.

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3. TerraMaster 2-Bay Diskless Option

This extra powerful NAS drive comes with the latest TOS 3 operating system, includes an Intel Celeron 2.41GHz dual-core CPU and provides 2GB of RAM. (If that’s not enough, users can upgrade to 4GB.) With speeds surpassing 100MB/s, the TerraMaster is great for multiple streams and uploads. More than that, the aluminum-alloy shell and internal fan make for an all-around quieter and cooler experience.

TerraMaster 2-Bay Diskless Image courtesy of Amazon


4. WD 2-Bay Diskless Option

Sporting a powerful 1.3 GHz dual-core processor and an impressive 1GB of memory, this sleek NAS drive makes it extra easy to access your stored files. Utilizing My Cloud OS 3 technology, the WD offers automatic storage backup with easily navigable file and folder options. And with 256 AES volume encryption, your files are always protected.

WD 2-Bay Diskless Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Buffalo TeraStation 2TB Option

Sleek, compact and incredibly user-friendly, this NES drive runs on Buffalo’s own TeraStation operating system and is able to provide tons of great features like business sharing, remote access and more. Perfect for small offices, this Buffalo model is easy to set up and even easier to use. Plus you’re able to choose between different storage options.

Buffalo TeraStation 2TB Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Synology Slim Profile (for 2.5-inch Drives) Option

Designed specifically for 2.5-inch drives, this NES device comes with a dual-core CPU and dual LAN with link aggregation support. With the ability to hit 170.23 MB/s reading, 77.62 MB/s writing, it also offers unparalleled upload speeds. With an easy-to-use operating system and mobile-ready apps, you’re able to easily access your files anywhere.

Synology Slim Profile Version Image courtesy of Amazon


7. NETGEAR 2-Bay Diskless Option

With 64-bit technology, you’re able to get speeds up to twice as fast as other NES drives. With the ability to support up to 40 concurrent users, this NES is all about performance. More than that, it offers intuitive remote management, secure cloud storage and all-inclusive backup solutions. It’s no surprise this NETGEAR model is so highly rated.

NETGEAR 2-Bay Diskless Image courtesy of Amazon

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