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Daily Deal: Charge All Your Devices Faster With This $30 Power Port

* Keep all your devices charged with this Anker power port
* IQ technology for faster charging
* Get it while it’s discounted 38% at Amazon

Making sure all your devices stay at 100% charge just got much easier.

This 5-port USB charger from Anker not only allows you to charge all your devices at once, but also features IQ charging, which significantly increases charge speed. Normally the convienent device costs just under $50, but right now Amazon has it listed for $30, saving you 38%. As a best-seller, this deal is sure to go fast.

We’ve all been there: we need to charge our laptop, phone, tablet, and Airpods before leaving for the day or going on a trip. But with too few ports at our desk, we end up scattering our devices around the house or office, praying that they charge fast enough. This Anker charger eliminates the hassle, allowing you to keep all your devices in once place while they charge extra fast.

The increased charge speed is thanks to PowerIQ, a new technology that recognizes different kinds of devices and sends the maximum amount of power. The Anker charger also features Power Deliver charging (or PD for short), which makes the adapter universal. This means it’s capable of charging any device – regardless of the brand of type of device.

The result of this extra-fast, convenient power port is a full battery on all your devices. And as we all know, that makes the day a little less stressful.

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