Don’t Judge, But We’re Totally Carrying Our Phones in These Holsters Now

best phone belt clip holsters
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* Whether you believe it or not, phone holsters are functional and (maybe) stylish
* Wearing your phone on your waist makes it quickly accessible
* Each model also includes a tough case to protect your smartphone

There may be somewhat of a nerdy stigma attached to phone holsters, but in all reality, isn’t it just a modern day upgrade for the revolver? Think about it. Back in the Wild West, your gun would be used for protection, sorting out disagreements and even showing onlookers that you’ve got the most stylish (and lethal) weapon in town. Nowadays, the lethal element may have dropped off, but your smartphone, which you carry with you everywhere, can keep you safe, resolve disagreements, write negative reviews and most certainly shows those around you that you’re on the cusp of technology.

new phone
3 years
This amazing gadgets are great for protecting your new phone

These smartphone holster options provide everything you need to protect your phone and keep it as quickly accessible as possible. This is ideal for business people, busy parents and general phone users alike. With your phone on your belt, it’s easy to see and deal with incoming calls and messages. These holsters also allow you to enjoy everything your phone can deliver using the built-in phone stand for additional viewing options.

new phone
3 years
This amazing gadgets are great for protecting your new phone

If you’re one of those people who has forever said you’d never wear your phone, maybe it’s time to join this modern trend and start shooting from the hip every time you need to message, change your status or catch up on the latest episode of your favorite program.

1. Aduro iPhone X/XS Holster Case

This Aduro iPhone Holster Case is specifically designed to house Apple iPhone X & XS models. The 2-piece case includes a protective cover for your phone, which also has a handy stand for easy media viewing in both horizontal and vertical orientations as well as a rubberized exterior to ensure you’ve always got a secure grip. The holster part of the case sports a tough belt clip, which allows adjustment in 180-degrees and a secure mechanism to keep your phone locked in when you want it to be.

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2. Encased iPhone X/XS Belt Case

The Encased iPhone X/XS Belt Case is available in either silver or navy blue options and includes every you’ll need to keep your phone protected and easily accessible at all times. The non-slip case fits securely around your phone, while still allowing easy access to the screen. You phone goes into the belt buckle holster using the secure top latch, which makes putting it in and taking it out simple and quick. The frame is also solid-core polycarbonate for toughness, and there’s a rotating mechanism for use in both horizontal and vertical options.

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3. Vena iPhone X/XS Military Grade Case

If you’re one of those people who’s capable of breaking anything, it’s worth considering a phone case with military grade in the title. This Vena iPhone Military Grade Case is built for iPhone X and XS models and even let’s you know it’s built to last from its appearance alone. The case features Corner Guard technology to provide additional protection if your phone is dropped. It’s also compatible with wireless chargers and works with Apple Pay, too. The holster element includes a 180-degree swiveling clip, which also doubles up as a handy kickstand for media viewing on the go.

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4. Zizo Bolt Series Case

The Zizo Bolt Series Case is made for anyone who wants a phone holster to attract attention. Not only does the screwed line appearance make it hard not to pay attention to the case, but it also comes in a range of eye-catching colors, including bright orange, bright blue and white. Functionally, the case is made from military-grade materials capable of enduring significant drops. In addition, the case sports a built-in kickstand for easy media viewing and comes with a tempered glass screen cover for additional phone protection.

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