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Phone Need a Quick Boost? Charge It With These Battery Pack Keychains Under $20

* Handy chargers to keep your phone powered on the go
* Clips on as a keychain or hides easily in your bag or pocket
* Essential to have on hand in case of power loss or emergency

Tired of having to deal with a dying phone whenever you leave the house? With a portable power pack, you can easily and quickly charge your phone no matter where you are. Grab a quick charge on the train, in the car, or even while you walk with these super handy (and stylish) portable keychain chargers.

They’re small enough to tuck into your pants or bag, but powerful enough to fully charge up your phone or tablet in a couple hours. Grab a couple of these and keep them on-hand in case of emergency, or as an essential travel accessory to keep you connected on-the-go.

1. Meebo Casual Keychain

This portable battery pack features intelligent protection to help make sure your phone doesn’t overheat or overcharge. It also features a built-in indicator light that will let you know when your phone is fully charged. A built-in Micro USB plug with USB-C Adapter lets you charge and connect easily. Adds up to 40% of your battery life back.

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2. DOFLY Portable Power Bank

This handy portable power bank features a sleek, ergonomic design and includes an impressive 3400mAh of power to quickly and efficiently charge your phone. The extra small design helps makes this charger even more portable.

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3. Power Poof USB Portable Charger

Sleek, stylish and incredibly unique, you’ll have no problem spotting your charger in the crowd. 2,500 mAh helps to easily charge your phone while the built-in LED gauge helps you keep track of your phone’s battery. Easily clip this charger to your purse, backpack or bag for easy access.

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4. MoEnergy Emergency Power Bank Keychain

If you’re looking for a little more bang for your buck, this portable power bank can charge an average phone 500 times. The super lightweight and compact design make it extra efficient.

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5. BUQU Pineapple Portable Power Bank

As convenient as it is stylish, this portable power bank features a cool pineapple design and includes a sleek polycarbonate, lithium-ion battery to easily charge both Android and Apple phones. A built-in LED fuel gauge helps you clearly see your phone’s battery power.

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