This One-Handed Phone Holder is a Modern Day Must-Have

best phone grip flygrip holder
Image courtesy of The Grommet
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* This phone grip makes holding your phone in one hand simple
* It mounts on the back of the phone or case and requires only 2 fingers
* It’s also collapsible and can double as a portrait and landscape kickstand

There’s a good chance you are reading this on a smartphone right now. If this is the case, ask yourself how easy it would be, if you aren’t already, to start using your phone in a single hand. Unless you’re working from a smaller-screened model, the answer probably isn’t “easy.”

While phone screens and shapes have continued to increase in size, our hands haven’t. And committing two hands to smartphone use isn’t always practical. Of course, you can always use that weird pinky finger balancing act, but that can often result in a dropped phone. A smarter answer to the one-handed problem is the FlyGrip Phone Holder.

best phone grip flygrip holder Image courtesy of The Grommet

This handy phone grip attaches to the back of either your smartphone or its case to provide an easy way to hold your phone with just one hand. In turn, this will give you confidence to browse, call and message without worrying about potentially dropping your expensive smartphone. Plus, the grip takes no time to install and works with all kinds of phones, including iPhones, Blackberrys, Androids and more.

The FlyGrip boasts an intelligent design, which allows you to feel completely in control of your phone. And, the articulating hinge design also means that when you aren’t using the FlyGrip, it can be folded nearly flat against the back of your phone for minimal inconvenience.

best phone grip flygrip holder Image courtesy of The Grommet

In addition to making it easy to hold your phone in one hand, the FlyGrip can also act as both a horizontal and vertical kickstand, which is great for when you want to catch up on the latest movies or last night’s new episode of your favorite TV show at home or on your daily commute.

Also, to ensure the most comfortable fit possible, the FlyGrip is available in 2 different versions, depending on your finger size.

Forget trying to balance your smartphone on top of your pinky finger and enjoy the stability and security provided by this handy phone case addition.


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