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Phone Protectors For People Who Always Drop Their Phone

* Avoid expensive phone repairs
* Keep your phone scratch-free at all times
* Prevent a cracked screen or internal damage 

You’re holding your lunch bag, a water bottle, your phone, and your laptop. You adjust your grip on your laptop and suddenly your phone slips out of your hands and drops face down on the office granite floor. You hear a loud clink, your heart drops, you’re praying in your head your screen didn’t crack. You reach down pick up your phone as all your coworkers watch in anticipation, and see that your entire screen is cracked into a spider web pattern. Now you’re upset thinking about the extra $150 it will cost you to get the screen fixed.

This stressful and costly situation can be avoided with the right protective products for your phone. Luckily there are several to choose from. See our favorite options below.

1.Universal Mobile Phone Stand – HONORABLE MENTION

If you are a person who likes to watch videos on your phone, this stand will make your life so much easier. If you’re watching a recipe video while cooking or watching Netflix during your lunch break at work this sturdy stand frees up your hands, reduces neck strain and allow you to multi-task. It helps reduce the risk of dropping your phone because it holds your phone up for you. It’s flexible arm can be adjusted to any angle for comfortable viewing and it’s clamp fits most tables and counters.

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 2.iPhone Xs Max Clear Tempered Glass Screen Protector – BEST VALUE

Say goodbye to flimsy, bubbly screen protectors and hello to superior 9h tempered glass protection.  A good quality screen protector can make or break your phone… literally. These screen protectors are shatterproof, and scratch resistant. They also are made with an anti-fingerprint coating that prevents oily fingerprint smudges from greasing up your phone.

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3. Magnetic Car Mount Phone Holder – EDITOR’S CHOICE

This Wizgear Magnetic Car Mount Phone Holder is a safe, quick, and comfortable option for your phone while driving, and it doesn’t require you to hassle with any clips. Simply place your phone on on the magnetic base that is attached to your air vents and you are good to go. It’s universal magnet allows the mount to fit any size or type of smartphone. Navigate your next road trip or new dinner destination hands free.




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4. OtterBox Commuter Series Case for iPhone X – BEST REVIEWED

The most effective thing you can do to protect your phone from any damage is to get a good quality phone case. Otterbox has a reputation for carrying some of the most sturdy cases around. This Otterbox Commuter Series 2 piece Case has a slimmer and sleeker design compared to other bulkier Otterbox cases while providing the same ample protection. This case is made with certified drop protection that comes with a lifetime warranty.

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