3 Phone Stands That Free Up Your Hands In The Office or Kitchen

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Between reading recipes while cooking, video-chatting, and streaming TV shows from bed, there are a lot of things we like do to on our phones that it’d be nice to do hands-free. Often the simplest solutions are the best, and that’s where phone stands come in.

If you need a way to read notes off your phone while typing on your computer (or you just want to catch up on your favorite shows while at work), a stand that charges your phone and lets you work hands-free can make things a lot easier. We’ve rounded up three different kinds of phone stands that should suit whatever your needs are, including a wireless charger, a stand for phones and smartwatches, and a minimalist stand to handle your most basic necessities.

1. Anker Wireless Charger

This Anker stand is a great way to conveniently watch videos or read articles in either portrait or landscape mode while simultaneously powering up your device. Not having to deal with cables makes things a lot more convenient. It’s worth noting that wireless technology has not quite reached its full potential in terms of charging speed, and you have to make sure your phone is Qi-enabled first. Nonetheless, this Anker stand offers unparalleled convenience for both Android and iPhone users.

Pros: Wireless, works horizontally or vertically.

Cons: Charging speed isn’t as fast as wired.

Anker Stand Amazon

2. ZVEproof iPhone and Apple Watch Charging Station

This charging stand is optimized for people with multiple Apple devices. It has a designated spot for your Apple watch, and you can put either your iPhone or iPad in the stand. It comes in multiple colors and is a good option for people who want one convenient place to store their iPhone and watch, or need a stand that works with both tablets and phones. It is not a wireless charging stand, so you have to loop your cables through to plug in your devices.

Pros: Works well if you have multiple Apple devices, comes in a variety of colors.

Cons: Lightweight, which sometimes means it moves.

ZVEproof Stand Amazon

3. Lamicall Cell Phone Stand

For a very simple stand that works with Androids and iPhones, the Lamicall phone stand allows your phone to be used horizontally or vertically, and it has a hole in the back to loop your charger through. The sleek design also comes in a variety of color options. The stand is on the lighter side which makes it easier to knock over, so we recommend caution when using it.

Pros: Very simple and affordable for basic needs.

Cons: Lightweight, which sometimes means it moves.

Lamicall Stand Amazon