Prevent Shaky Photos By Getting One Of These Phone Tripods Under $30

best phone tripods
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* Turn your phone into a professional camera with an inexpensive accessory
* Tripods make group photos a snap
* Tripods specifically designed for phones make them easy to use

It’s 2018. There’s a good chance (100%? 101%?) that your phone has a camera. There’s also a good chance you’re using your phone to take most of your photos. Sure, not all of these photos are frame-worthy (those waffles at brunch did look delicious), but there’s also a good chance many of the photos you’re taking to document important moments are shot with your phone. It’s time to give these photos the love they deserve.

There’s nothing worse than missing out on capturing an important moment because of a shaky phone. With a tripod made specifically for phones, your photos will finally be frame-worthy. Whether you still want to use a filter is up to you.

Here are four phone tripods that are so inexpensive and lightweight, you’ll be looking for reasons to take a pic. Mmmmm waffles.

1. Fugetek Selfie Stick & Tripod

If you’re deciding between a selfie stick and a tripod for you phone, Fugetek has you covered. Their 2-in-1 combo makes group photos and panoramic selfies a snap, with a remote that lets the user take photos from a distance. The lightweight, aluminum body is portable, with the tripod legs durable enough to provide a solid base when taking photos or filming a video with your phone. Customers love that the Fugetek is longer than most selfie sticks, making it ideal for wide-angle pics.

Fugetek Selfie Stick & Tripod

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2. Foaber Cell Phone Tripod

The Foaber Cell Phone Tripod is great for anyone on the go. With neo-rubber tripod legs, the Foaber Cell Phone Tripod can stand on its own or be wrapped around just about anything, a great advantage for adventurers trying to capture stunning photos. Lightweight and compatible with any phone or small digital camera, the Foaber Cell Phone Tripod is great for travelers or anyone who wants a tripod without adding weight to their belongings.

Foaber Cell Phone Tripod

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3. Zedoli Selfie Stick And Tripod

If you are short on space, the Zedoli Selfie Stick And Tripod is for you. It’s a selfie stick, it’s a tripod, it has a wireless remote that works with any phone, and the entire package can fit in your pocket. No more excuses of having shaky photos because you don’t want to lug around a tripod.

Zedoli Selfie Stick Bluetooth

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4. MKDGO 45″ Extra Long Tripod Selfie Stick

Having a photo that isn’t ruined by shaking is important, but what about a pic with bad lighting? Solve both problems with the MKDGO 45″ Extra Long Tripod Selfie Stick. Whether you’re using it as a selfie stick or tripod, the LED light that sits above your phone will make your photos and videos perfectly lit. The LED light can be adjusted depending on the brightness of your surroundings, and there’s even a flash mode that works well with brightly lit settings, like Christmas parties.

MKDGO 45" Extra Long Tripod Selfie Stick

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