Cell Stays: The 5 Best Phone Tripods Under $25

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* Adjustable to virtually any angle
* Each option is non-skid and slip resistant
* Also feature Bluetooth remote control

The reason most actors don’t direct is because it’s difficult to be in two places and to perform two duties at once. The same principle applies to when you’re the star of your own everyday photos. Sure, you can set the phone across the room and set the timer. But that’s when the phone slips or you don’t make it back into the frame in time.

The best way to solve that problem is with a handy, reliable phone tripod. And with so many great options under $25, you no longer have to blow your whole photo production budget. Take a look below.

1. Ubeesize Portable Phone Tripod

This Ubeesize Portable Phone Tripod lets you get the perfect angle on any photo while keeping the camera super steady for the sharpest, clearest pictures. Everything on this model has been upgraded with stronger material for exceptional durability. It works well digital cameras and GoPros. And, it comes with a wireless remote.

Ubeesize Portable Phone Tripod Image Courtesy of Amazon

2. Erligpowht Flexible Cell Phone Tripod

Erligpowht is a ridiculous brand name. But there’s nothing ridiculous about their Flexible Phone Tripod. It features rubber grip, non-slip legs that keep your phone perfectly placed until you have the shot you want. The 360-degree ball joint allows you to twist and angle the camera any way you like. And, it has a remote control.

Erligpowht Flexible Cell Phone Tripod Image Courtesy of Amazon

3. UBeesize Tripod S

Looking for something a little bigger? Try the Ubeesize Tripod S. This bendy beauty is one of the tallest cell phone tripods on the market. Its flexible octopus style legs are made of thick metal reinforced with rubber coating so you can adjust, angle, bend and brace your phone to get that masterpiece photo. It works with a variety of iPhone sizes as well as Samsungs. Plus, its adaptor screw enables you to use it with standard digital cameras and GoPros.

UBeesize Tripod S Image Courtesy of Amazon

4. KobraTech Cell Phone Tripod

KobraTech’s Cell Phone Tripod features a TriFlex design that lets you set up steady shots on uneven ground. You can even wrap them around a post. Even better, it fits any size phone, comes with a Bluetooth remote and features a two-year warranty.

KobraTech Cell Phone Tripod Image Courtesy of Amazon

5. Fugetek Selfie Stick & Tripod

Fugetek has you covered with their All-In-One Professional Selfie Stick, which is built into a tripod. You can set it just about anywhere and be ready to shoot wobble-free selfies in seconds. The non-skid feet keep it steady. The Bluetooth remote connects quickly. And, it’s ultra extendable up to fifty-one inches.

tech Image Courtesy of Amazon

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