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The Best Portable Photo Printers for Getting Those Memories Off Your Phone for Keeps

What if we told you that 90% of people who have taken a photo have only ever done so with a camera phone? While that statistic is still debatable, it’s probably a good indication of just how important smartphones are to the world of photography. The average person has traded in DSLRs and pocket cameras for the all-in-one answer that is a smartphone. Why carry around two devices instead of one? Why deal with the hassle of having moving photos from a camera to a computer to social media when the same photos can just be on your phone in the right place from the very beginning?

Even though smartphones do solve plenty of problems with their versatility, there are still some elements of the “good old days” a lot of people miss. One of the biggest is physical pictures. While many people love having their pictures at their fingertips on their phones, many people love things they can hold in their hands, stick to their walls or show relatives without a smartphone in hand. Another benefit to physical photos is that they won’t be lost if you happen to lose your phone. And, somewhat impressively, most quality photos can last for up to 100 years before they start disintegrating.

If you love to hold photos in your hands rather than viewing them on a screen, it’s time to start printing your pictures again. With these phone photo printers, you can print your pictures instantly on the spot. These printers are a great way to share the moment with friends or to ensure you have a physical memory of any special moments for years to come. And, as a bonus, most printed pictures are also stickers, which means you can cover your walls, computer and other household surfaces with your favorite snapshots — all taken from your phone.

1. HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

The HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer is available in a range of colors, including red, black and gold. It also sports a built-in loop for attaching a wrist strap to make carrying your device around easy. This feature is particularly ideal for parties, days out with friends and any moments when you want a print straight away. And the included app can take your photos to the next level, allowing you to add filters, borders and emojis to the image. It’s also important to note that the printer includes a rechargeable battery, which can last while the device makes 35 high quality prints.

Pro: The paper has sticky backing so you can — literally — stick your favorite prints all over the house.

Con: These photos are not the highest resolution due to their small size.

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2. Canon SELPHY Wireless Compact Photo Printer

If you like the idea of a printer that looks like any run-of-the-mill printer but in miniature, the Canon SELPHY CP1300 Wireless Compact Photo Printer is for you. The high-quality prints it produces are water-resistant and can last up to 100 years. Plus, the smart device lets you choose how to connect, with physical and wireless options built in. Finally, the 3.2-inch LCD screen lets you see and choose the right images before you print, so you’re never surprised by what comes out.

Pro: You can expect very high quality photos from this printer and you can print postcard size prints up to 4×6 inches.

Con: This printer is not as mobile-friendly as the others on our list.

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3. Fujifilm INSTAX Share SP-2 Mobile Printer

This smart little device is ideal for creating high-quality prints of your favorite pictures on the spot. In fact, the new laser exposure system achieves printing in as little as 10 seconds. The device charges via the built-in micro USB port and will stay charged for up to 90 minutes, depending on the intensity of printing. The printer is also available in a choice of silver or gold and has an accompanying Instax Share app for simple usability.

Pro: This printer will spit out your photo in as little as 10 seconds.

Con: You need to purchase the printer paper for this separately.


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Courtesy of Amazon Image courtesy of Amazon