Can You Hear Me Now? 4 Signal Boosters For Better Cell Reception

Best Signal Boosters for Cell Reception
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* Say goodbye to dead zones at home and on the go
* Instantly boost your cell reception for better service
* Choose from home and office models, vehicle models and more

Depending on your carrier, some cell signals may be better than others. More often than not, people report various “dead spots” around their homes — you know, places where cell strength is extra weak and any incoming calls are immediately routed to voicemail. And if you’re planning on taking a road trip, well, you can say goodbye to continuous and reliable coverage.

If you’re sick of dealing with weak cell reception, here are four signal booster to help improve your service at home or on the go.

1. SureCall Fusion4Home Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit

Compatible with all phone carriers, this booster kit increases both the signal strength and battery life of every mobile device. Coverage area maxes out at around 2,000 square feet, which typically covers two rooms and/or most small offices.

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2. weBoost Drive Vehicle Cell Phone Signal Booster

Instantly boost your cell signal on the go. Great for the cross-country road trips where signals (like gas stations) are few and far between, this mobile booster also offers up to two additional hours of talk time.

weboost drive 4g-m 470108 vehicle cell phone signal booster Image Courtesy of Amazon


3. weBoost HomeCell Phone Signal Booster for Home and Office

Designed for home and office use, this powerful signal booster can boost any 3G and 4G LTE phone. Compatible with every North American cell carrier, this model’s able to provide an impressive 32x stronger connection.

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4. weBoost Connect Indoor Cell Phone Signal Booster

Able to support up to an impressive 5,000 square feet, this is the ultimate signal booster for home and office use. With universal compatibility, easy installation and patented smart technology that senses nearby signals and automatically boosts your network, this is a great option for anyone who’s sick of dead zones.

weboost connect 4g 470103 indoor cell phone signal booster for home and office Image Courtesy of Amazon


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