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A wallet can say a lot about you. A slim, new, maintained wallet shows people that you’re organized and have your life together. Since it protects many of your most important day-to-day assets, the best men’s wallet is a bit like an extension of yourself. Your wallet should be on point, so it protects what’s most important to you. And if it makes you look sharp while doing it, then hey, that’s great too.

Smart wallets take the utility of a wallet to another level. They minimize wallet clutter with smartly designed pockets, while also maintaining elegance and style. They even protect against digital criminals with RFID-blocking technology to keep them from stealing your card information.

So stay looking fresh and keep yourself protected with one of our picks for the best smart wallets below.


1. Nomad Card Wallet Plus


Are you the type of person that would lose your head if it wasn’t attached to your shoulders? If so, Nomad has the smart wallet for you. Integrated with Tile for tracking, the Nomad Card Wallet Plus is one wallet you won’t have to worry about misplacing. Even with Tile and seven cards (it can hold up to 12 plus cash, or 16 without), the wallet still stays remarkably thin. And the Horween leather looks even more distinct after it starts to become weathered, like a pair of Chucks or a Fender Stratocaster. It’s built to last, especially since you probably won’t lose this smart wallet. You do have to pay extra for the Tile, but it’s worth the one-time cost for permanent peace of mind.

Nomad Card Wallet Plus; best smart wallets Courtesy of Nomad


2. Serman Brands Smart Wallet


Protect all of your credit card information and look great doing it with the Serman Brands Smart Wallet. You can fit six to eight cards before the wallet starts to bulk up. Put your most used cards in the front pocket for quick access. A convenient pull strap inside the wallet provides access to additional cards tucked inside. And all the cards you keep inside the smart wallet remain protected by RFID-blocking technology. It’s a slim, affordable, and great-looking smart wallet option.

Serman Brands Smart Wallet; best smart wallets Courtesy of Amazon


3. Buffway Slim Minimalist Wallet


With over 65,000 user ratings, 92% of which are four- and five-star reviews on Amazon, the Buffway Slim Minimalist Wallet is a safe and affordable bet for a slim smart wallet. The notch on the front pocket makes for easy accessibility to your most used cards, all while keeping up to eight cards under 0.45-inches thick. Plus, it keeps your cards safe with RFID protection. This is a smart choice for a smart wallet.

Buffway Slim Minimalist Wallet Courtesy of Amazon


4. Bellroy Travel Wallet


It’s slim, yet has the capacity for all your cards, cash and passport, the Bellroy Travel Wallet is every bit as smart as it is stylish. It can hold up to 10 cards, with quick access to four of your most used ones, and made with premium, environmentally certified leather that’s backed by a three-year warranty. The Bellroy even features a travel pen for the check at dinner or customs for international travel. Plus, with RFID protection, all of your information stays protected in your wallet. It’s a stylish option with ton of utility.

Bellroy Travel Wallet; best smart wallets Courtesy of Bellroy


5. Ekster Parliament Wallet


The Ekster Parliament Wallet provides you access to all of your cards without even opening your wallet. With a click of a button, a card slider pops out and provides immediate access to all your most used cards. RFID and NFC protection keeps our cards safe from potential criminals trying to digitally swoop in on your hard earned money. To up the ante, a tracking chip can be included to ensure you don’t leave your wallet behind at a restaurant or bar. You’ll look and feel smart with this wallet in hand.

Ekster Parliament Wallet; best smart wallets Courtesy of Amazon


6. Travando RIO Money Clip Wallet


With over 89% of customers giving it four- and five-star reviews on Amazon, the Travando RIO Money Clip Wallet impresses nearly everyone who owns one. It remains slim even when the money clip, all six inside card pockets and the outside quick access pocket are full. The premium faux leather combined with the carbon-fiber pattern and the notable metal emblem give the wallet a distinct, powerful look. And it keeps all of your credit cards protected with  RFID-blocking technology. There’s good reason why over 20,000 Amazon customers love this smart wallet.

Travando RIO Money Clip Wallet; best smart wallets Courtesy of Amazon


7. Ridge Smart Wallet


Beyond looking like a total badass with a metal wallet, you’ll also be slimming down and protecting all the contents in your pocket with a Ridge Smart Wallet. You can pack 12 cards into the wallet. The metal body not only looks awesome, it also protects your cards from unwanted RFID thieves. And Ridge is so confident that the company backs the wallet with a lifetime guarantee. This very well might be the last wallet you ever buy.

Ridge Smart Wallet; best smart wallets Courtesy of Amazon


8. Zoppen Multi-Purpose Travel Passport


The Zoppen Travel Passport makes great use of the provided real estate inside. It’s roomy enough to hold your passport, boarding pass, cellphone (not a max or plus phone), pen, and a handful of credit cards. And it’s smartly designed to protect all of those contents with a RFID-blocking shield. Over 7,000 reviews with 91% four and five-star ratings, there’s a great chance you’ll love this affordable smart travel wallet.

Zoppen Multi-Purpose Travel Passport Courtesy of Amazon


9. Flipside 4 Wallet


Rugged is putting it lightly. The Flipside 4 Wallet will protect your cards from not only RFID scanners, but also from scratches, bending and getting lost. The case locks shut when closed and is popped open with a push of a button, keeping up to 10 bills and eight cards completely protected. This wallet is a great choice for the active outdoor adventurer.

Flipside 4 Wallet Courtesy of Amazon


10. Vaultskin Chelsea Slim Card Sleeve


Even when packed with up to 10 cars and cash, the Vaultskin Chelsea Slim Card Sleeve remains thin. This British designed wallet looks amazing, comes in a variety of colors and protects your cards from lurking RFID scanners. Smart straps make it easy to access all of your cards, even when your wallet is full. It’s slim, sleek and affordable.

Vaultskin Chelsea Slim Card Sleeve Courtesy of Amazon


11. Zitahli Men’s Slim Wallet


When something is the #1 best-seller on Amazon, especially for “men’s wallets,” it’s important to take note. Not because it will be the absolute best smart wallet across the board but because if it works for so many buyers, it’s likely to work for your money needs too.

The Zitahli Men’s Slim Wallet holds a ton for its slim design, with room for 12 cards, an ID pocket and an internal money slip to secure your cash. Add in RFID protection, a push notch for quick access to frequently used cards, 13 cool colorways and vegan leather designs as well as a reasonable price and you can understand why this smart wallet sells so well.

Zitahli Men's Slim Wallet; best smart wallets Courtesy of Amazon


12. Herschel Men’s Charlie RFID Wallet


Amazon reviewers love the Herschel Men’s Charlie RFID Wallet, with over 86% of users giving it five stars. And what’s not to like? This slim polyester wallet holds at least four cards and a small amount of bills, making it perfect for a night out. Plus, the wallet features RFID technology to keep your financial information safe, comes in over a dozen different color schemes and designs and won’t break the very bank it’s trying to protect.

Herschel Men's Charlie RFID Wallet Courtesy of Amazon


13. HIMI Leather Wallet


Slim smart wallets are great but don’t count out the classic bifold just yet. With 10 card slots, two cash pockets, two ID windows, genuine leather, RFID technology and a very friendly price, the HIMI Leather Wallet has everything a classic wallet needs. If you regularly need multiple cards, plenty of cash or to show ID, you’re much better off with this traditional smart wallet.

HIMI Leather Wallet for Men Courtesy of Amazon


14. Timberland PRO Men’s Cordura Nylon RFID Trifold Wallet


The Timberland PRO Men’s Cordura Nylon RFID Trifold Wallet packs your cards and cash in, velcros shut and will handle a beating thanks to its Cordura nylon construction. It will get a little bulky if you have many bills and cards, but they’ll be totally secure with RFID protection.

Timberland PRO Men's Cordura Nylon RFID Trifold Wallet Courtesy of Amazon


15. Thread Wallets Slim Minimalist Wallet


The Thread Wallets Slim Minimalist Wallet can hold up to eight cards and cash, but it functions much better with just a few cards and cash. If you do need to fill it though, you’ll be able to use the unique (and super convenient) stretch pocket, which also features a cool striped design. For RFID protection, make sure to stick your cards in the main pocket of the smart wallet.

Thread Wallets Slim Minimalist Wallet Courtesy of Amazon


16. Fossil Men’s Derrick Leather Bifold


Fossil produces all kinds of top-notch leather goods, including the Fossil Men’s Derrick Leather Bifold. Made from genuine cowhide leather, this smart wallet will grow with you over time, with each crease reflecting your life’s adventures. Plus, as a traditional bifold, it holds plenty of cards, cash and your ID too, all while using RFID technology to block thieves.

Fossil Men's Derrick Leather Bifold Wallet Courtesy of Amazon


17. TortugaResinWorks Resin & Wooden Wallet


For a totally unique RFID wallet, go for this Resin & Wooden Wallet from TortugaResinWorks.

Made from a combination of maple and an epoxy resin with the color of your choice, there literally won’t be another wallet in the world like yours. Plus with a 14-card capacity and metal money clip, it’s perfect for holding a bunch of cards and cash. Backed up by a lifetime guarantee, this smart wallet makes for a great gift to yourself or anybody who’d appreciate unique design in a wallet.

TortugaResinWorks Resin Wooden Wallet; best smart wallets Courtesy of Etsy


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