Your Phone Case Too Hard to Handle? These Soft Phone Cases Protect Just As Well

Best Soft iPhone Cases: Phone Pouches
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* The best soft iPhone cases
* Sleek, easy to carry sleeves and pouches
* Featuring tech such as radiation and RFID blocking

Phone cases have come a long way from bulky plastic shells. Lately, some people have been switching to soft cases, and we think it’s a trend worth trying.

Most of these new soft cases come as sleeves or bags that hold your phone. They come in a variety of materials from sophisticated twill to rugged neoprene, and typically have some surprising tech up their sleeve (pun intended) such as radiation or RFID blocking. Although they’re made of softer materials, good soft sleeves still provide the same protection as a clunky hard case. Plus, most soft cases have pockets for other essentials like credit cards and IDs, which streamlines your everyday carry while protecting your device.

Amy Smith
3 years
Thanks!! It helped me a lot

Amy Smith
3 years
Thanks!! It helped me a lot

Picking a new phone case can feel like a big commitment (as you carry it every day) so we did some research to find the very best soft cases on the market. Below are six of the best that you can buy on Amazon right now.

1. Onever Signal Blocking Pouch

This little bag from Onever protects credit cards from RFID scanning pickpockets, and also makes a great place to store your phone. Plus, it’s very affordably priced at just $11 for a two-pack.

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2. Dockem Wallet Sleeve

If you’re looking for a more sleek, stylish case, we suggest this synthetic leather sleeve from Dockem. It features a sleek, professional look, and two credit card pockets in addition to the iPhone sleeve.

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3. Dockem Luxe Wallet Sleeve

Another stylish option from Dockem is this twill sleeve. It’s made for the iPhone X and Xs, and also features two card slots (one on each side) for credit cards, IDs and cash. These card cases have a clever thumb opening so you can pull out your cards and cash without struggling at the cash register (because that’s the worst).

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4. fitBAG Tailored Sleeve

The fitBAG is super slim and minimal, featuring a handsewn construction that provides impressive protection against drops, scrapes and scratches. The inside also utilizes an Alcantara lining that cleans the screen every time you remove it, so your phone will always be free of fingerprints and dust.

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5. SYB Phone Pouch

This neoprene phone pouch from SYB comes very highly rated for a few reasons. Firstly, it protects your body from cell phone radiation thanks to a shielded lining. And secondly, the neoprene fabric creates a lightweight, soft feel while also providing serious protection.

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6. Lvfeier Security Pouch

Lvfeier’s phone pouch protects your organs from radiation, but it also features RFID blocking to protect credit cards from scanner pickpockets. Plus, it has a separate back pocket that disconnects your phone from signal, which is ideal in movies or when you just need a rest from screens.

iPhone Sleeves Radiation BlockingImage courtesy of Amazon