Power Packs: The 8 Best Solar Backpacks for Charging on the Go

solar backpack
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* Backpacks equipped with solar charging power banks
* Charge devices while hiking, commuting, or traveling
* More affordable than you might expect at $40-$200

Although smartphone, laptop, and tablet batteries have gotten better, we still find ourselves with 1% battery at the worst possible times. Portable chargers have become a go-to fix for this, but the latest (and most efficient) solution for dead batteries is solar backpacks.

Solar backpacks are incredibly convenient because you wear them like any other backpack while commuting, hiking, or traveling. While in natural light, the solar panel refills the built-in power bank, and allows you to recharge devices at any time. This means that unlike traditional portable chargers, it charges itself when you’re out and about, instead of requiring you to charge it at home.

It might sound like a high-tech gizmo reserved for silicon valley millionaires, but solar backpacks are actually very affordable. Below are the 7 best you can buy right now, starting at just $50.

1. Wosports Solar Charger Backpack

Wosports makes a great bare-bones solar charger backpack if you’re on a tight budget. It’s made of durable, water-resistant polyester, and uses a 5 watt solar panel and 2,000mAh power bank (enough for about 1 iPhone charge).

Solar Backpack Wosports Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Eceen Solar Messenger Bag

This solar messenger bag by Eceen is our favorite because it’s the right size, features a 10,000mAh battery, and looks great with office attire. The messenger bag set-up makes it ideal for city life, traveling, or hiking, and has ample space for all your (fully charged) devices, books, and accessories.

Solar Messenger Bag Eceen Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Eceen Solar Daypack

Ecceen’s lightweight solar backpack features a more urban look and design. It also has a foldable solar panel/power bank that can be removed and placed on a desk or in the car for easy access.

Solar Backpack Eceen Image courtesy of Amazon


4. CHOETECH Solar Charger Backpack

This CHOETECH solar backpack sacrifices a small, discreet solar panel for an impressive 24 watts of power. The large panel might get in the way while walking, but can be taken out while sitting, and makes a great option for bikers.

Solar Backpack Choetech Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Coolala Direct Solar Backpack

This 7-watt solar backpack by Coolala is made of a durable nylon material, and has a rugged design that lends itself especially well to camping and hiking. The removable solar panel is built into a hardened casing and PVC fabric for weather protection and long-lasting usability.

[caption id="attachment_80997" align="aligncenter" width="408"]Solar Backpack Coolala Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


6. Sunrise Solar Backpack

For a minimal daypack with solar charging capabilities, we recommend this one from Sunrise. It’s made of a smooth, waterproof nylon, fits everything you need for the day, and features a discreet solar panel to match the low-key design.

Solar Backpack Sunrise Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Ghostek NRGsolar Backpack

The Ghostek NRGsolar series backpack is one of our favorites because it has a huge 16,000mAh power bank, allowing about 8 iPhone charges – the most on our list.

Solar Backpack Ghostek Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Eclipse Slingshot Solar Sling Bag

With MOLLE compatibility (armed forces equipment), this solar backpack is great for hardcore campers, hikers, or travelers. It features well-designed compartments, an ergonomic fit, and a flexible solar panel for increased durability. The camo print works if you’re say, actually in the armed forces. For everyone else, consider it a small dose of style.

[caption id="attachment_81000" align="aligncenter" width="288"]Solar Backpack Eclipse Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]

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