Sun Sustenance: The Ultimate SPY Guide to Solar Gadgets

WakaWaka Solar Powered Flashlight and Charger
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* Harness the power of the sun with these eco-friendly gadgets
* Say goodbye to cumbersome batteries and cords
* Smartphone chargers, wireless keyboards, outdoor lighting and more

When it comes to sustainable products that are good for the environment, investing in solar-powered gadgets is always a good option. From phone chargers and wireless keyboards to backyard lighting and camping essentials, we’ve rounded up our top stories featuring some of our favorite solar gadgets that aren’t harmful for the planet, but still offer you the practicality and convenience of non-solar products.


Solar-Powered Keyboard


Remember those old Casio calculators with the solar-powered strip that almost never worked? Well, this isn’t like that. The Logitech Wireless Solar-Powered Keyboard is an easy and sustainable way to type at home or on the go. No batteries, no cords, no worries. Find out more info in link below.

Logitech K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard for Mac Image courtesy of Amazon

No Batteries? No Problem. This Solar-Powered Keyboard Can Be Charged Almost Anywhere


Outdoor Solar-Powered Lighting


Solar powered lighting for the outdoors is one of the easiest and most eco-friendly design enhancements you can make to your home. These lights are easy to install, motion-sensor ready and come in an array of styles and color options that will work for all your backyard landscapes.

Lemontec Solar Strings Lights Image courtesy of Amazon

Sustainable Shine: The 9 Best Solar Lights for Backyard Brilliance


Solar-Powered Charger


When you need to charge your phone but there are no outlets around, the Waka Waka is a solar-powered alternative charges impressively quickly. All you have to do is set the charger under direct sunlight and voila: you’re good to go. It’s a great addition to keep your camping supply stash or emergency prep kit.

WakaWaka Solar Powered Flashlight and Charger Image courtesy of Amazon

This Solar-Powered Charger Is One Light That Never Goes Out


Travel-Friendly Solar Gadgets


Planning an outdoor adventure? You don’t want to get left in the dark. Packing a few solar-charging devices could make all the difference between a ho-hum adventure and the ideal vacation. No plugs? No chargers? No problem. We’ve picked the best solar gadgets to help make your next trip a little more bright in the link below.

ECEEN Solar Powered Flashlight Image courtesy of Amazon

Maintaining Power: 4 Solar Gadgets for Endless Energy on the Go


Solar-Powered Lantern


Say goodbye to the days of forgetting spare batteries or seeing only by the light of the moon with the SolarPuff rechargeable lantern. This eco-friendly outdoor tool requires nothing but the big old sun to operate. Packed inside this compact lantern is a built-in, fold-out solar panel that is capable of recharging in just over four hours of direct sunlight.

Solight Solarpuff Portable Lantern Image courtesy of Amazon

Pack This Solar-Powered Lantern For Your Next Camping Trip


Solar Backpacks for Charging


Although smartphone, laptop, and tablet batteries have gotten better, we still find ourselves with 1% battery at the worst possible times. Portable chargers have become a go-to fix for this, but the latest (and most efficient) solution for dead batteries is solar backpacks. We rounded up some of our favorite models in the link below.

CHOETECH Solar Charger Backpack Image courtesy of Amazon

Power Packs: The 8 Best Solar Backpacks for Charging on the Go


Solar Chargers Under $50


While charging your phone, iPad or other mobile devices from the sun has always been a good idea, useful and affordable options for mobile solar phone chargers are just starting to become widely available on the market. Improvements in smart battery tech and overcharge protection now allow for high capacity portable battery packs with built-in emergency solar charging. Get more details in link below.

FKANT Waterproof Solar Charger Image courtesy of Amazon

Cheap Charge: The 4 Best Solar Chargers Under $50