Stand & Deliver: Your Complete Guide to All Things Stands

Griffin Laptop Stand
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* Keep your space clutter-free and organized
* From monitors, tablets, phones and Apple Watches – there’s a stand for that
* Features sleek and modern designs

Whether you’re looking to organize a cluttered desk or need some ergonomic help from your computer monitor, we’ve round up a complete guide to all things stands so you can live your most productive life possible.


Headphone Stands


We get it. The only thing more valuable than your computer, tablet, or smartphone is most likely your headphones. They’re an investment and they play a very important role in your day-to-day life. So, it’s important to keep them charged and in good condition. This Satechi Aluminum USB headphone Stand Holder offers a convenient way to do just that.

Satechi Headphone Stand Holder Image courtesy of Amazon

Sound Storage: A Handy Stand for Your Fancy Headphones


Catchall Stands


Admit it: your desk tends to clutter. No matter how hard you try, or how often you clean, things just seem to pile up. Your phone, your laptop, your keys, your charger, your headphones – they all create a veritable mine field of clutter. The solution, however, is much simpler than it seems – more storage. Or, more precisely, the right storage. The Catchall Stand is designed to have available slots and space for each item. The handmade shelf is designed to suit most smartphones, both Apple and Android, and has a slot where you can easily thread your charger, without having to unplug your phone.

Catchall Stand by Jigsaw Furnishings Image courtesy of Amazon

Sleek And Simple Organizing With the Catchall Stand


Phone Stands


Let’s face it: most of us spend our alone time with our smart devices. Whether we’re using it to watch a YouTube video, read the news or make a video call, it can be a hassle to find a good position. That’s why we picked the nine best phone stands that will make your life easier. See our selections below.

UGREEN Cell Phone Stand Image courtesy of Amazon

Standup Support: 9 Best Phone Stands for Your Mobile Office


Monitor Stands


Ergonomics relies on three important principles: a neutral position, meaning it feels natural; a voluntary motion that maintains the body’s balance; and frequent rest time. Generally, your screen should be about an arm’s length away from you, and your eyes should fall on the center of the screen. These monitor stands can help ensure your ergonomic viewing needs are met. See our picks below.

VIVO Glass Ergonomic Monitor Stand Image courtesy of Amazon

Vision Quest: The 7 Best Monitor Stands for Ergonomic Viewing Under $50


Laptop Stands


Laptops are great and all, but anyone who’s had to spend long hours working at one knows how fatiguing they can be. From stiff necks to carpal tunnel syndrome, there is no shortage of modern maladies looming in the cramped, hunched over positions the laptop and desk forces on many of today’s humans. To relieve that strain and help avoid the pitfalls of the laptop, here are 9 of the best laptop stands for more comfortable computing.

Griffin Laptop Stand Image courtesy of Amazon

Handy Stands: The 9 Best Laptop Stands for More Comfortable Computing


Apple Watch Night-Stands


Did you know every Apple Watch includes its own built-in nightstand mode? That’s right, instead of simply taking your watch off and leaving it face down during the night, you can turn it into a bedside clock. Of course, to take advantage of the traditional clock mode you’ll first need to find the right stand.

elago Apple Watch Stand Image courtesy of Amazon

Night Shift: The 6 Best Apple Watch Night-Stands Under $15


Tablet Stands


Hard to believe the first iPad came out almost eight years ago now. What at the time seemed like an excess tech product has now become as important as, dare we say, the smartphone. If you’re among the millions of people who tote their tablets around every day, check out these awesome stands to help you get more done while working less.

Lamicall Tablet Stand Image courtesy of Amazon

Standing Tall: The 6 Best Stands For Your Tablet