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Top Tips: The 7 Best Tablet Stylus Options for Artists Under $50

* Seven drawing aids to make digital art easier
* Includes styluses, digital paintbrushes and anti-friction gloves
* An ideal gift for any budding digital artists and graphic designers

While a grubby finger on a screen may suffice for the majority of smartphone and tablet users, digital art requires a little more precision and clarity. Digital tools can help with transferring imaginings to the screen in exactly the same way an artist would with a pen on paper. With this in mind, a built-for-purpose stylus can make a huge difference to both the ease of creation and quality of the finished product.

Whether you’re a smartphone or tablet user, removing the need to use your finger is something that can be appreciated by every user. To find the right stylus for you and some additional aids, follow this list to find the best styluses available for under 50 dollars.

1. TFY Artist’s Drawing Anti-Fouling Glove

This anti-fouling glove provides a barrier between your hand and your screen to help reduce friction. It also allows your hand to move more freely. Plus, the glove prevents any unwanted drawing action caused by the bottom of your hand on touch-sensitive tablets. This pack includes one glove, which can be worn on either hand.  


2. The Friendly Swede 3-Piece Stylus Pen Kit

This set of three premium styluses is compatible with all touchscreen devices, including smartphones and tablets. Each 5.5-inch stylus features a thinner-than-average tip, which is ideal for artists who require a more precise line. Within the set, you’ll also receive a screen cleaning cloth and two elastic tethers for attaching your pens to your device.

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3. Mixoo Capacitive Stylus Pen


is compatible with a range of capacitive touch screen devices, including iPads, Kindles, Android phones and other smartphones. The pen is available in a range of professional colors and features a lightweight barrel to make long hours with the pen a comfortable experience. You’ll also find that the pen is double ended with a fibber-tipped head at one end and a silicone disc stylus on the other.  


4. The Friendly Swede 4-in-1 Stylus Pen

This versatile stylus pen features 4 different functions. Not only do you get a capacitive stylus pen, you’ll also enjoy a fine point disc stylus, a ballpoint pen and a brush head. Each of the pen functions are interchangeable, and any additional parts needed are included in the pack. Plus, the pen’s solid aluminum body ensures a comfortable fit in your hand.


5. Lynktec TruGlide Pro Stylus Bundle


comes complete with an artist’s paint brush and fiber mesh tip. The two stylus heads are easily interchangeable, allowing you to quickly move between the heads whenever you need to. The stylus is also supplied with a high-quality case for transporting and storing your stylus. 


6. Evach Active Stylus Digital Pen

With this active digital stylus, you get additional accuracy working on your tablet and cellphone screens. The stylus’ 1.5mm tip is great for precise drawing and writing. These features along with the slim, anodized aluminum body create a stylish and comfortable experience for any users of the stylus. A built-in pocket clip makes storing the pen easy, while the built-in battery provides up to 8 hours of continuous use. Plus, it can be fully recharged in as little as 60 minutes when depleted.


7. Sensu Digital Artist Brush & Stylus

Like something straight out of the future, the stylish

features two handy design tools in one. A digital brush allows you to paint on a tablet just like you would on a canvas, while the capacitive stylus is great for writing, sketching and navigating around your device. As the two tools are back to back on a removable insert, switching between them is as simple as turning the pen the other way round. The handle of the stylus also functions as a cap to protect the brush when it is placed inside.