Take Your Tablet Off Your Lap and Use One of These Tablet Stands Instead

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Once you begin using a tablet it’s difficult to remember how we got along without them. The ideal size for travel, tablets make it easy to watch movies, catch up on emails, finish up any work, play games, and stay in touch with friends and family while on the go. Tablets are also great for using at home as well. Much more affordable than a standard laptop or a TV, tablets can act as both in one compact device. They can help keep the little ones entertained with streaming services and interactive games, and are user-friendly enough for even the least tech-savvy member of your family.

But once you have your tablet, what’s the safest way to use it? While many of us end up spending hours with our tablet on our laps, this is actually an unsafe practice because tablets (including iPads) emit microwave radiation. For the same reason you shouldn’t sit with your face pressed against the microwave while warming up popcorn, you shouldn’t let a tablet sit on any part of your body. This is especially true for children who are still growing, and for adults who may hold a tablet near their reproductive organs (i.e. your lap), which is likely where you’ve been setting your tablet.

The FCC recommends that people remain a safe distance away from cellular devices, which includes tablets, regardless of whether or not you are using them on Wi-Fi. Before we scare you too much and you begin considering throwing out your very helpful, very expensive tablet, we recommend purchasing a tablet stand instead.

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, tablet stands can be used on hard surfaces, on uneven surfaces, they can stretch to a standing height or lower down to make them the right height for using while in a seated position. Just keep it off your body.

1. Cellphone & Tablet 2 in 1 Stand Holder Clip

The Cellphone & Tablet 2 in 1 Stand Holder Clip turns any table or desk into stand for your tablet. With an adjustable holder that’s small enough for your cell phone and large enough for your tablet, the holder clip has an extended arm that allows you to fully customize the position of your tablet, making it a great option for attaching to your nightstand so that you can watch a movie in bed, or clip on to your kitchen island in order to help you follow along with the recipe you found online. Our team loves how adjustable the holder clip is, but the one drawback is that you do need the surface to attach the nonslip clip to in order to stabilize the tablet.

Cellphone & Tablet 2 in 1 Stand Holder Clip

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2. nbryte Tablift Tablet Stand

The nbryte Tablift Tablet Stand Has a huge following because you can pretty much use it anywhere. Ideal for uneven surfaces like a bed or couch, the nbryte is a great way to safely use your tablet away from your lap, while bringing your screen up to eye level. It also works on even surfaces like desks and tables, making it the perfect stand for an office or kitchen. The legs fold down to a compact size making the stand easy to transport, but it does require a base to sit on and can’t be adjusted to standing height.

nbryte Tablift Tablet Stand

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3. AmazonBasics Multi-Angle Portable Stand

The AmazonBasics Multi-Angle Portable Stand is a sturdy, durable, and affordable option when looking for tablet stands. A great item for holding your tablet on an angle to make for easy viewing, the stand can also fit e-readers and cell phones. Folding flat when not in use makes the stand a great option for traveling, but its drawbacks are that its height cannot be adjusted and it requires a flat surface when in use.

AmazonBasics Multi-Angle Portable Stand

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4. JETech Floor Stand

The JETech Floor Stand is perfect for anyone who needs extra height when using their tablet. Starting at 27.5 inches, the stand can grow all the way to 39.3 inches, making it a great option for anyone who wants to place their tablet next to a treadmill or use while standing. The stand also comes with a toilet paper holder, because let’s be honest, we all use our tablets in the bathroom.

JETech Floor Stand

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