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These Are the Best Phone Cases We’re Traveling With Right Now

The thought of losing or breaking your phone while traveling is probably about as terrifying as the thought of losing your passport. So while you might just use a screen protector or basic case at home or while commuting to work, you might want a little extra protection when you hit the road or travel by plane. That’s why we’ve rounded up some cases specifically for travel.

What to Consider Before Buying a Travel Phone Case

A phone case for travel can mean a number of different things, whether that’s a rugged fitted case or a pouch to store your phone in. For example, you might want a case that can also carry your passport. Or, maybe you’re adventuring. In that case, you might want something rugged or waterproof, such as the drop-resistant Otterbox or waterproof Joto pouch. One of our favorite options is a hard shell zippered case that’s designed for carrying a power bank and phone. The kind of case you choose comes down to how you’re traveling.

How We Chose the Best Travel Phone Cases

Choosing the best travel phone case came down to function, security and convenience. Some of the cases on this list offer drop-resistant protection to withstand the kinds of bumps and scratches that might happen while traveling. Some cases offer a convenient way to store other important travel essentials, such as your passport or ID cards. What they all have in common is that they make traveling with your phone safer and more convenient.

1. Smartish iPhone 12/12 Pro Wallet Case

The more small, individual items you’re carrying, the more likely you are to misplace one of them. Keep all your essentials together with this cleverly designed phone wallet from Smartish. It acts as a case for your phone, and there’s a slot in the back to store a few cards and folded bills. That way, you can skip the wallet and just carry your most-used cards.

Pros: Convenient storage for cards and folded bills. Grippy sides to comfortably hold your phone.

Cons: Not ideal for carrying a lot of cards.

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2. Skynew Hard Travel Case

Having a phone with a dead battery is about as good as not having a phone, which is why a portable charger is a travel essential. This carrying case from Skynew is designed to carry RAVPower, Anker and other chargers securely in the internal strap. The hardshell zippered features an internal mesh pouch that you can use to store your phone while it charges, or you can carry your phone on the outside using the elastic strap. The double zippered design is secure while making it easy to access your devices.

Pros: Secure storage for phone and portable charger. Includes carabiner clip. Double zip design for easy access.

Cons: Won’t fit all chargers. Too big to fit in a pocket.

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3. Speck CandyShell Grip iPhone 11 Case, White/Black

This iPhone case from Speck isn’t specifically designed for travel, but it will help protect your phone from the inevitable bumps and scratches you might encounter while running to your gate. The textured design of the case means it’s comfortable to hold and less likely to slip from your hands. But if you do drop it, rest assured — it’s double layered for durability, and it’s designed to withstand up to a 13-foot drop.

Pros: Textured design to fit securely in the hand. Durable design to resist drops.

Cons: No additional storage, unlike some of the other options on this list.

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4. OtterBox Defender Series

The OtterBox is a three-layer system that has a built-in screen protector that shields your phone against scratches. The case is resistant to bumps and drops and comes with a belt-clip holster that doubles as a kickstand for video streaming or FaceTime. This is an excellent option for anyone who is traveling outdoors or anywhere where extreme protection is essential because the OtterBox providing protection from dust, dirt, and debris.

Pros: Scratch and drop resistant. Clip holster for easy carrying, which doubles as a kickstand.

Cons: Bulky design.

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5. Matone Crystal Clear Shock Absorption Case

Going with a ‘naked’ look, the Matone is ideal for anyone who wants an everyday case that doesn’t look like they’re using a case. Thin and lightweight, the Matone provides a clear view of your iPhone while still providing shock absorption, scratch resistance and TPU bumper cushion on the corners and the back of the phone.

Pros: Clear design for an unobtrusive look.

Cons: Can yellow over time.

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6. Joto Universal Waterproof Case

This affordable option from Joto is an easy way to make any phone travel-ready. Simply slip your cell into the Joto case and seal it with the snap and lock closure, which instantly makes your phone waterproof and dustproof. Designed for travel, as well as for anyone who wants to take their phone near water, snow, on a hiking trail or to a sandy beach, the Joto has a clear window on the front and back, allowing users to continue using the touch screen on their phone and take pictures without removing the phone from the case. The Joto can also fit small personal items like passports, IDs, and cash with smaller phones. The case also comes with a neck strap to help keep your phone secure during water activities or while traveling.

Pros: Compatible with most phones. Waterproof design makes it good for adventure travel. Suitable for carrying other items.

Cons: Not necessarily ideal for everyday use.

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