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The Best Flash Drives For Your iPhone

Flash drives are integral when it comes to backing up your smartphone media. Whether its photos, videos or other types of media, these drives will not only allow you to back up and protect your precious data, they also act as extra storage so you never run out.

The flash drives below are all optimized for iPhones but will work with and/or can be compatible with Android and Windows operating systems as well. All of our picks utilize plug and play technology allowing for fast and easy transfers, have secure data encryption technology ensuring privacy for all your data across all platforms and have specially designed apps to allow easy saving and transferring of data.

Other great ways to use these devices include immediate sharing of your photos or videos directly to social media and (in some cases) watching TV shows or movies that won’t fit on your device. These drives are small in size, travel well and make on-the-go transfers fast and easy.

1. HooToo iPhone Flash Drive 128GB

Simply plug in the flash drive and your media will automatically back up each time. Featuring secure data encryption technology, plug in to set up touch ID encryption and a password, and your iPhone flash drive will be invisible on any PC.

PROS: The drive comes with a format-friendly app and uses the in-app camera to save photos and videos directly to the flash drive to free up the phone’s memory.

CONS: You cannot transfer or watch media files downloaded from iTunes or other third party apps due to digital protection.

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2. Kimiandy USB Flash Drive 128G

The Kimiandy USB 3.0 Flash Drive is mini in size, made from aluminum alloy and has a large 128 GB storage capacity. This flash drive comes with privacy protection in the form of a password and touch ID and files cannot be stolen, even if you lose the drive.

PROS: High-speed file transfers make file transmission on the go much easier.

CONS: No physical instructions are included.

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3. Sunany Flash Drive for iPhone 128GB

This lightweight drive is made of aluminum alloy, is the size of a lipstick container and uses plug and play technology so you can watch your media directly on the flash drive. You can also share your photos on social media directly from the USB, making traveling with it convenient and fun.

PROS: This flash drive is Touch ID and password protected.

CONS: The flash drive functions optimally only if you remove your phone case.

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