The 8 Best “Mobile Beach Bags” for Your Phone to Sport This Summer

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* Rugged waterproof phone cases to keep your smartphone safe this summer
* Colorful, double-locking or watermelon-adorned options
* The smart way to make sure beach and pool days don’t end in disaster

As summer comes around and trips to the beach become a regular occurrence, it’s time to put precautions in place to ensure your phone doesn’t fall victim to outdoor activities. Dust, dirt, sand and fun in the waves can ruin your phone. Make sure your smartphone stays functional with a mobile beach bag.

By slipping your mobile phone into one of these pouches, you don’t lose any functionality, but you will enjoy a phone that is waterproof to varying degrees. These waterproof cases are also great for making your smartphone a waterproof camera, too.

1. Extreme World Dry Bag for Outdoor Sports

Built to keep your phone and small digital items dry, the Extreme World Dry Bag for Outdoor Sports is your answer to long days out on the water. The bag floats, which is great for drop-prone individuals, and it comes in 4 different sizes. In addition, the ABS sealing clip is heavier duty than cheaper models, and, as an added bonus, the clear front side means you can snap away on your phone, even under water.

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2. Dry Pak Dry Bag Cell Phone Case

With a name like Dry Pak, you know this case was built to keep your gear moisture-free. This particular case is super simple to use. Simply twist the knob down to seal the pack, and turn it back upwards to open your Dry Pak. Plus, the small size (4 inches by 8 inches) means it’s small enough to take in the water with you yet large enough to fit most phone models.

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3. JOTO Universal Waterproof Case

Sleek and simple, the JOTO Universal Waterproof Case fits all smartphones up to 6 inches in size. If your phone is a smaller model, you should also be able to keep a credit card wallet and money in the case alongside your phone. That’s great news for beachgoers who don’t want to leave their valuables in the sand while they are in the water. Furthermore, the JOTO case offers clear windows on both sides of the case, which is ideal for taking normal photos and selfies alike.

waterproof case phone best options mobile beach bag joto dry bag Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Travelon Waterproof Smart Phone Digital Camera Pouch

Protect your device from dust, dirt and water with this name-brand waterproof smartphone pouch. Travelon has been designing travel bags for years, so they’re a great name to trust when investing in protection for your electronics. This particular bag can store phones up to 5.5 inches in size when measured diagonally and boasts a 17-inch carrying strap. Plus, the foam insert means the whole bag will float even when weighed down with your gear.

waterproof case phone best options mobile beach bag travelon dry bag Image courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond


5. Kona Submariner Plus Size Universal Waterproof Phone Case

Buy a waterproof case in confidence when you purchase the Kona Submariner. This particular product comes with a 5-year no-hassle replacement guarantee, so if it breaks or is faulty, the company will replace your bag, no questions asked. And it’s a great bag for using your phone while your bag is kept dry. Simply squeeze the pouch to introduce an air bubble, then your phone will function just as it does outside the waterproof case.

waterproof case phone best options mobile beach bag kona submariner Image courtesy of Amazon


6. OTBBA Universal Waterproof Case

If you’re the type of person who is always worried about damaging your phone and want to be doubly sure it doesn’t get ruined in the water, invest in the OTBBA Universal Waterproof Case. Along with the IPX8 waterproof rating, the smart design features two individual locks to provide you with peace of mind. It’s also handily touch sensitive, so you can continue using your phone while it’s inside. In addition, the included armband and lanyard option give you the choice of how to wear your phone case depending on your activity.

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7. Urban Outfitters Waterproof Mobile Beach Bag

If you fancy adding a dash of summery style while you are protecting you phone, the Urban Outfitters Mobile Beach Bag is a great way to go. As well as being dust proof, sand proof and waterproof up to 33 feet, the case features a beautiful array of flowers on the outside, ideal for accompanying your bathing suit. You’ll also find an integrated headphone jack to make sure you don’t sacrifice your tunes on the go. Finally, there’s a removable lanyard for easy carrying.

waterproof case phone best options mobile beach bag urban outfitters mobile beach bag Image courtesy of Urban Outfitters


8. Urban Outfitters Waterproof Mobile Beach Bag

Nothing says summer like a delicious slice of watermelon, which is why this watermelon-adorned mobile beach bag is a great choice for those who love to remain in a summery mood. And, not only does the case produce positive feelings, the tough build will keep your phone safe almost anywhere you are heading this summer. The reinforced lanyard and seal ensure it can endure beach fun. Plus, the built-in headphone jack allows you to keep your summer soundtrack alive, even when your phone is inside.

waterproof case phone best options mobile beach bag urban outfitters mobile beach bag Image courtesy of Urban Outfitters

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