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Daily Deal: Supercharge Your WiFi With This $26 Device From Netgear

* Upgrade your home’s WiFi with this Netgear extender
* Extend signal and dramatically boost speed
* One of the highest-rated products on the market

Every home seems to have that one room or nook that doesn’t get WiFi. If you notice a slowdown in certain parts of your home, consider this WiFi extender to supercharge your network.

If you’re upgrading your network with an extender, this Netgear N300 is definitely the one to get. Today it’s discounted at Best Buy, bringing the price down to just $25.99. Compare that to other extenders which go for as much as $100 (and don’t have nearly as many rave reviews), and you understand why this Netgear product is a best-seller.

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Great WiFi extenders like this one don’t just eliminate dead zones in your home, they also increase your WiFi speed dramatically. This one allows your current WiFi to reach speeds of 300mbps – which is nerd for very fast – as regular WiFi speeds cap out around 20mbps. This means little to no lag, loading, or Netflix buffering in any area of your home.

The Netgear also has very good reviews from all retailers, with users noting the incredibly fast speeds and easy setup.

If you’re in need of a WiFi upgrade, make sure to act on this deal fast. As a best-seller, the Netgear N300 won’t be marked down for long.