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Long Range: The 3 Best WiFi Extenders for Boosting Your Internet Strength

* Instantly icrease your wireless coverage
* Add more connectivity while keeping your devices synced
* Set up smart alerts to receive real-time updates on the go

Tired of dealing with those annoying dead spots at home? With a handy WiFi extender, you’re able to boost your wireless coverage to every room. More than that, you’re able to have more control over your devices and their usage.

From smarter streaming to smart home hubs, here’s a look at the three best WiFi extenders currently for sale on Amazon.

1. TP-Link Dual WiFi Extender

As an Amazon bestseller, this dual WiFi extender is a smart choice. Great for extending the range of your Alexa and Siri smart services, this WiFi extender features a smart signal indicator to help with finding the best location for optimal coverage.


2. Zmodo Smart Home Hub and WiFi Extender

In the market for something a little more practical than a simple WiFi extender? This smart home hub includes a WiFi-enabled doorbell and window sensors that can be synced to your home’s router and accessed from anywhere. This set also features six months of free cloud storage.


3. Securifi Touchscreen Wireless WiFi Extender

Sporting a smart touchscreen setup and a built-in long-range power booster, this multifunctional extender can be used as an access point or a wireless bridge. More than that, it can even act as your own smart home security system. Connect it to your router to receive real-time updates straight to your Android or iPhone.

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