The 10 Best Wireless Car Chargers To Keep Your Phone Alive On Long Drives

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On road trips, especially when you’re headed someplace new and unfamiliar, phones tend to die at the worst moments. Long trips (and even long commutes) often come hand in hand with battery-draining GPS apps in use and streaming your favorite music or podcasts to keep you entertained. Cords get lost, and if you’re on a trip with friends or family, chances are there’s not enough of them to go around.

Wireless car chargers can be a game-changer in the car. The best wireless chargers have charging speeds up to 10W, can connect to both the dash or the air vent and Qi-certified. This way, you can wirelessly charge your phone without having to remove the case (if the case is thin enough). You’ll also want to find one with a pivoting ball so you can adjust your phone to the angle you want.

You charge your phone wirelessly at home, why shouldn’t you do the same in your car? Below are our recommendations for the best wireless car chargers for sale in 2021.


1. iOttie Wireless Car Charger Auto Sense

This wireless car charger conveniently sticks to the dash thanks to a dashboard disk and suction cup ensemble. But that’s not even close to the best part — it uses motion-sensing technology that opens and closes the grip on your phone. As you bring your phone close to set it in the charger, the grip will open and close when it is placed. This becomes ultra-convenient when you are already on the road. Plus, it’s Qi-certified to charge a variety of different phones.

iOttie Wireless Car Charger Auto Sense Courtesy of Amazon

2. Squish Wireless Car Charger

As you set your phone down on the charger, the weight of the phone automatically adjusts the grips to clamp down and securely hold your phone. And since it has a 360-degree pivot ball located on the back, you can adjust and turn your phone portrait or landscape. By providing 10W of wireless charging power, it happens to be one of the fastest wireless car chargers as well as one of the most convenient.

Squish Wireless Car Charger Courtesy of Amazon

3. ZEEHOO Wireless Car Charger Mount

It comes with an attachment to stick to your dash or to attach the charger in your air vent. Samsung users will appreciate speedy 10W of charging speed while iPhone users will have to settle for 7.5W. Once it’s attached, the 360-degree pivot ball gives users the ability to have their phone in the most convenient spot possible. And the sub $30 price tag is nice, too.

ZEEHOO Wireless Car Charger MountC Courtesy of Amazon

4. iOttie iTap 2 Wireless Car Charger

A wireless car charger with no phone grips? Don’t worry, the iOttie iTap 2 grips on your phone with a built-in magnetic coil to keep your phone from going anywhere, and keeps the charger from looking bulky. You can choose between an air vent connector or one that goes into your CD slot (who still uses CDs when there are music streaming services available?).

iOttie iTap 2 wireless car charger Courtesy of Amazon

5. Anker PowerWave Air Vent Charger

This Anker Wireless Charger comes with both a wireless car mount as well as a wired charging piece for the cigarette lighter in your car, so you can have your phone charging as you navigate the road, while your co-pilot can also charge their phone as well. It’s Qi-certified to offer speedy charging for enabled devices and can even charge phones through the case (if the case is less than 5mm thick). No dashboard attachment, but it does connect to most air vents.

Anker PowerWave Air Vent Charger Courtesy of Amazon

6. iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless 2

It mounts on both the dashboard or air vent and is Qi-certified to power Android and Pixel devices with 10W of charging power and iPhones with 7.5W. The foot release button easily adjusts to the size of your phone, so even if you have an XL phone with a case, you’ll still be able to use this charger. With 4.4 stars and over 2,400 ratings on Amazon, this wireless car charger is as reliable as they come.

iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless 2 Courtesy of Amazon

7. Basenor Tesla Model 3 QI Wireless Phone Charger

Tesla owners don’t need to be left out of the wireless car charging game. With the Basenor Tesla Model 3 QI charger, you can install it at the base of the center console and wirelessly charge two devices at once. Plus, it provides 10W of charging power on each side. Can Teslas get any cooler? With this wireless charging device, the answer is “yes.”

Basenor Tesla Model 3 QI Wireless Phone Charger Courtesy of Amazon

8. Kenu Airframe Wireless

The Kenu Airframe is Qi-enabled and can charge phones even through cases as long as they are less than 3mm thick. Not only will it charge through the case, but it will do so quickly with 10W of charging power. The side grips are spring-loaded and will hold your phone securely in place while the head pivots to support both portrait and landscape viewing.

Kenu Airframe Wireless car charger Courtesy of Amazon

9. Andobil Wireless Car Charger Mount

With one tap clamp-and-release, you can quickly charge and release your phone even while you are driving (but keep your eyes on the road). It’s MagSafe case-friendly, so it can wirelessly charge your phone even with a thin case. And it charges Samsung devices with 10W of charging power, but expect a little slower 7.5W charging for iPhone devices.

Andobil Wireless Car Charger Mount Courtesy of Amazon


10. Mpow Car Mount Wireless Charger

This affordable and reliable wireless car charger is one of the most popular on Amazon with 4.6 stars and almost 6,500 ratings. That’s because it comes with both a dashboard connector and air vent holder. Plus, it’s Qi-compatible and provides speedy 10W charging speeds and auto clamping arms for convenient placement.

Mpow Car Mount Wireless Charger Courtesy of Amazon

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