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Finally, a Wireless Charger That’s Actually Wireless

Boy Genius Report has found an awesome wireless power bank that charges up your iPhone, Android, and laptops ultra fast, and fits in your pocket for easy use when you’re on the go. Find out more from BGR and shop below:

From BGR:
In terms of convenience, wireless charging is probably the best thing to happen to smartphones in a long time. No, plugging a cable into your phone isn’t exactly trying, but placing it down on a charging pad or charging stand is obviously way more convenient. Want that same convenience while you’re on the go? Check out the

, which is a wireless charger that really, truly is wireless.

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This pocket-sized charger is not only ultra convenient and super portable, but it also charges your devices fast. It’s able to charge your iPhone 8 3.5 times, Galaxy S8 2 times, Ipad mini 1.5 times, 2017/2016/2015 Macbook once. Thanks to its compact design and small size, it’s ideal for both travelling, music festivals, workouts, hiking, and to keep in your emergency prep kit. It even charges your smartphones without requiring you to remove your case.

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