Jumpin’ Juice: 5 Top-Rated Wireless Phone Chargers Under $30 for Your iPhone X

Best iPhone X Chargers
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* Portable chargers to recharge your phone on the go
* Qi technology offers a more powerful and convenient way to charge your phone
* Keep one at home and another in your bag

The iPhone X may be one of the most advanced phones ever made, but with all those extra features, you can be sure your battery’s going to take a hit. And while your phone may be working at optimum levels today, chances are your rechargeable battery will soon become less and less powerful.

Fortunately, we’ve scooped a few awesome wireless chargers to help keep your X charged no matter where you are. Each option comes Qi-enabled, and they’re all less than $30.

1. CHOETECH Wireless Charger

With three different charging modes, you can charge your X faster than ever. Qi-certified technology means this charger also works with most Galaxy Note phones too.

choetech-wireless-charger- Image courtesy of Amazon

2. Anker Wireless Charger

Sleek and slim, this wireless charger features an advanced chipset and extra efficient components to offer a 10% faster charging time than other brands. With both horizontal and vertical charging options, it’s a great option that works with any space.

anker-wireless-charger Image courtesy of Amazon

3. Belkin Boost Up Qi Wireless Charging Pad 5W

With a powerful 5-watt charging speed, this Qi wireless charging pad is able to recharge most X models in a flash. Compatible with Samsung Galaxy phones, this one also comes with a handy five-foot charging cord.

belkin-boost-up-qi-wireless-charging-pad-5w- Image courtesy of Amazon

4. Bestand 2 in 1 Phone Wireless Charging Stand

Get two for the price of one with this versatile charging stand. Able to charge both your X and Apple Watch, it features fully functional wireless charging capabilities for any Qi-enabled device. It also comes in eight cool colors.

bestand-2-in-1-phone-wireless-charging-stand- Image courtesy of Amazon

5. IBIS Wireless 9W Dual Wireless Charger

Able to charge up to three devices at once, this extra powerful wireless charger includes 9-watts for lightning-fast speeds. With included USB outlets and a lightning port, you can keep all your Qi-enabled devices pumped and primed without having to worry about extra cables.

ibis-wireless-9w-dual-wireless-charger- Image courtesy of Amazon

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