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This Gaming Phone From Black Shark Charges in 15 Minutes Flat

If you’re a busy person, you might find that most of your gaming happens while you’re out and about. For some people, this might mean a Nintendo Switch (or going old-school with a Gameboy in the pocket), but for most, it means mobile games — especially now that Amazon Luna, Xbox Game Pass and other streaming services are actually feasible on mobile. The Black Shark 5 is one of the newest gaming phones on the market, and it has a lot of promise for gamers.


What We Love About the Black Shark 5

One of the main obstacles in high-fidelity mobile gaming is the amount of heat produced, but the Black Shark 5 series uses a dual VC liquid cooling system. It’s marketed as an “anti-gravity” design that increases the circulation speed of the liquid. All of the internal components — including the SoC, 5G antenna and the battery — are connected to the cooling plate so the entire phone remains at a comfortable temperature.

Combine that with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 5G platform and the new Cortex-X2 CPU, and you’re looking at super-fast wireless data speeds and up to 3.0 GHz on the clock. The specs don’t stop there, either:

  • 16GB RAM
  • 256GB storage
  • Up to 10GBps download speeds
  • WiFi 6E compatibility

The Black Shark 5 is a powerhouse, and unlike other phones that consider gaming an afterthought, games are front-and-center with this device. The dual-zone, pressure-sensing technology makes it easy to issue even advanced commands from the touchscreen, but there are also pop-up triggers on the back of the phone.

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Courtesy of Black Shark

These triggers can be remapped to serve other purposes when you aren’t gaming, like taking a screenshot or turning on the flashlight.

However, the biggest standout feature of the Black Shark 5 series lies in its charging abilities. With a 4560mAh battery and compatibility with the 120 HyperCharge technology, you can get a full charge in only 15 minutes. This includes a feature that disables charging during gaming to keep the phone cooler. It’s seriously a contender for the best gaming phone around.


Black Shark 5 Pricing and Availability

The Black Shark 5 series will be officially available starting June 9th. The Black Shark 5 8GGB + 128GB model is priced at $550, while the 12GB + 256GB model is $650.

The Black Shark 5 Pro is priced at $800 for the 8GB + 128GB model, $899 for the 12GB + 256GB model, and $999 for the $16GB + 256GB model.

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Courtesy of Black Shark


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