Bluefit’s Bluetooth Headset Brings Out Your Inner Road Warrior in Style

bluefit bluetooth headset
Image courtesy of Amazon

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* CSR chip ensures maximum sound clarity
* Nine hours of talk time
* Noise cancelling technology

Bluetooth headsets for your smartphone have been around for a long time. However, this doesn’t mean that they are all a dime a dozen and once you’ve had one you’ve had them all. Case in point: Bluefit’s Bluetooth headset with CSR chip for high performance sound and clarity. 


Bluefit’s Bluetooth headset comes packed with features for such a small and compact size. The in-ear, wireless headphone boasts a CSR chip that brings you the best audio quality for your important calls and even more important driving music.

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The nine hours of talk time ensure that you will never be cut-off in mid-sentence when you are about to close that important deal. In addition, its 200 hours of standby time also ensures that you’ll never miss a call that you’ve been waiting for all day.

Bluefit’s headset also comes with noise-cancelling software that will help you focus on that all-important conversation, as well as a mute button when you need to consult with others in the room.

These features, coupled with a nice carrying case that will keep your headset safe and secure, make this an ideal piece of equipment for your “Road Warrior” mobile office.

If you are looking for a long-lasting, high fidelity ear piece that will let you take the important calls when needed and listen to your music while on the road, Bluefit’s Bluetooth headset is here for you.

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