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The Audio Quality in This Bluetooth Speaker Will Blow You Away

* Includes four intricately-tuned audio drivers to deliver sharper sounds
* Powerful rechargeable battery promises up to eight hours of continuous play
* State-of-the-art Voice Logic system works wonders with audio conferences

Don’t be fooled by this speaker’s size. While the Esquire 2 combines an elegant design with a beautiful high-quality aluminum finish, the real appeal is underneath.

This little Bluetooth speaker includes four professionally-tuned drivers, and packs a stunning 16 W of audio power. You’ll immediately notice sharper bass lines, cleaner vocals and an all-around better audio experience. That’s not something you see every day with portable speakers.

A state-of-the-art voice conferencing system includes Harman Kardon’s patented Voice Logic technology that’s able to precisely pinpoint and accentuate voices in even the loudest of environments. You can also enjoy crystal clear calls anywhere with the speaker’s advanced 360-degree audio range. There’s even an integrated folding stand that lets you prop the Esquire 2 up, making it look like a real office centerpiece.

Worried about running out of battery? No need. The powerful mAH rechargeable battery provides up to eight hours of continuous play. Additionally, the speaker’s USB charge makes sure the music never stops.

Best of all, the flat, lightweight design (approximately 8.5″ long) makes this speaker extremely portable. You can slip it into your backpack or tote bag and take it with you wherever you go. And if gold isn’t your fancy, you can also nab the Esquire 2 in black or gray.

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