Shattering My Google Pixel 6 Pro Made Me a Firm Believer in Camera Cover Phone Cases

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Nothing frustrates me more when a completely innocuous act renders my phone almost useless. That’s what happened to me a few weeks ago when I was reaching over a countertop to get my Google Pixel 6 Pro. Since I wasn’t paying too much attention, the back of my phone inexplicably came into contact with the corner of the sink, which was accompanied by a reserved thud. In all honesty, it was a weak contact.

The tone of the sound was a bit odd, so I turned it over to find the glass covering the cameras was shattered. I was pissed, even more than the time I accidentally dropped my iPhone 6 Plus from a height of no more than two feet onto the tile floor. Strangely enough, this experience led me down a path I haven’t investigated before. At the end of it all, it made me realize the need for camera cover phone cases.


A Design Destined For Failure

This wasn’t the first time I’ve shattered my camera’s lens on my phone. There was the time when I flung the Samsung Galaxy S7 onto the couch, when its single camera lens magically hit the edge of another phone that was sitting on the cushion. I picked it up and it was completely cracked.

Google Pixel 6 Pro shattered camera lens. John Velasco | SPY

With this most recent occurrence, however, I was upset more about how the Google Pixel 6 Pro was designed with such a vulnerability. Most of today’s flagship smartphones have three rear cameras, but they’re usually accompanied by individual lenses on each camera. Google’s design has a single piece of glass over all three.

That’s problematic in my opinion. Considering that there’s more exposed glass, it’s substantially more prone to damage. And yes, I even had the official case on it when this all happened.


Why You Should Get Camera Cover Phone Cases

After getting a replacement, I was hell-bent on never letting such a thing ever happen again (I can only pray). Ultimately, the experience had me looking at ways I could protect the cameras — not just on the Pixel 6 Pro — but on all the phones and mobile devices I use. While there are glass covers that go over phone camera lenses, much like how screen protectors go over touchscreens, I found an even better solution.

That’s when I came upon some phone cases on Amazon that featured sliding covers that hide the cameras when they’re not being used. I picked the one below by this company I’ve never heard of before, but hey, that’s not unusual for me when shopping on Amazon.

Hxxyilok Google Pixel 6 Pro Camera Cover Case John Velasco | SPY

What I really love most about this camera cover phone case is yes, there’s a sliding cover that protects the glass and cameras. On top of that, it also has a slit to accommodate up to two credit cards and a functional ring stand that can prop the phone upright or sideways. (If you don’t choose a case with a ring stand, then check out the best PopSocket alternatives.) Seriously, this case packed a ton of utility for its price — but most importantly, the cameras are protected.

Whether I drop the phone accidentally, or again unintentionally hit it against a surface very gently, I can be confident that the phone’s protected. Now, the only thing I had to remember and get used to was getting into the routine of sliding the cover back up after using the camera. It’s an extra step I’m happy to do if it means protecting my phone’s most widely used feature.

Goton Armor Case for iPhone 13 Pro Max John Velasco | SPY

I’ve become such a firm believer of this camera cover phone case that I eventually picked one up for the iPhone 13 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. What shocked me more about buying them was that they didn’t cost me a fortune, much like buying a case from established brands like Otterbox, Casemate, or Spigen.

In fact, I spent as little as $8 buying one of them. After this experience, I don’t think I could ever use anything else besides camera cover phone cases. They are probably some of the best phone cases around. I’ll sacrifice design in favor of utility.

Hxxyilok Camera Cover Phone Case for Google Pixel 6 Pro Courtesy of Amazon.

Goton Armor Case for iPhone 13 Pro Max Stand Case with Slide Camera Cover Courtesy of Amazon.

CameCosy Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Camera Cover Phone Case Courtesy of Amazon.


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