Hold the Phone: This Cell Phone Tripod Steadies Your Pics

The CamRah Phone Tripod Allows Steady
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* Grippy, flexible legs
* Bluetooth-enabled remote shutter
* Securely holds phone in place 

The CamRah phone tripod is one of the most sophisticated and feature-rich smart phone camera mounts on the market. It includes a Bluetooth remote shutter and flexible legs that make mounting on any surface a breeze. Gummy, grippy segments enable this phone tripod to work as a horizontal or vertical mount as well, holding securely to poles, tree limbs, table tops and the backs of chairs.

The high-tech smartphone mount atop this flexible tripod uses the JAWS system to clamp onto your phone, meaning it’s highly secure and will never drop your phone into an abyss, even when the tripod is upside-down. This feature, along with the tripod’s high-density foam, flexible and grippy legs, allows you to mount your smartphone for stable photos and video at extreme, unusual angles.

CamRah phone tripod

Thanks to its dense foam grips and high quality, heavyweight overall construction, the Professional series Cam Rah flexible phone tripod is more stable and secure than competing phone tripods. Miniaturized for easy carrying and use with smart phones, the CamRah flexible tripod nonetheless retains the high quality materials and sturdy construction of much larger tripods. Since no one wants to lose their $600+ iPhone because of a cheap tripod, it makes sense to ensure that when you’re using a tripod to hold up your smartphone for photos and video, you choose the best.

The CamRah pro series even comes with a full, no-questions asked money back guarantee. So get out there and take your selfies or process documentation to the next level, literally, with this go-anywhere flexible tripod.

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