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Daily Deal: These Adorable Cable Chomps Will Save Your Charger From Fraying

* Stop replacing frayed charger cables
* These charming cable protectors are 63% off right now
* Great gift idea for kids or adults

Charger cables are not built to last, but we found one way to extend their lifetime – and make them look adorable.

These little Cable Chomps slide onto the end of your phone charger or AUX cable to prevent fraying. Right now, Woot is offering a 3-pack of the little guys for just $11. That’s 63% less than their retail price of $30. But grab these chompers as soon as possible; they’re a best-seller on Woot, so they won’t be around for much longer.

After weeks of yanking our charger cable into our phone, the end starts to burst open and fray. It happens to all of us, and it’s not just a hassle to replace – it can be add up price-wise too.

These cable chompers offer a charming solution by sliding onto your cable and protecting the area that always breaks. They come in a variety of animals, with ten themed options for your 3-pack, including a farm combo, a reptile combo, and an ocean combo.

At just $11, they also make a great gift for that friend who always hands you a tattered AUX cable, or any gadget-loving kid.