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Show Off Your Snazzy New Device With a Clear iPhone Case

The iPhone has come a long way, both in terms of its sleek design and its color options. Knowing that, why would you ever want to cover one up? Instead, consider buying one of the increasing numbers of clear iPhone cases out there.

A clear iPhone case allows you to protect your new (and expensive) device from falls, spills and other hazards, without adding bulk or excessive weight. They make it practical to slip your phone into your pocket (even while wearing slim-fit pants) or toss it into a satchel.


What to Look for in an iPhone Case

Everyone wants an iPhone case that looks good, but it should also be functional. One of the most common problems people experience with iPhone cases is shattered screens, so you want a case that’s made of shock-absorbent material like silicon or rubber — although durable plastic is a more common material for clear iPhone cases.

Newer iPhones are water-resistant, but you may also want to search for a case that will further protect your phone with a waterproof or water-resistant design. Meanwhile, if you tend to drop your phone a lot, look for a clear iPhone case with ridged siding, raised ridges along the screen and camera or special grips for easier use.

Also consider accessories like a lens protector, screen protector and a flexible frame, which make it easier to plug in your phone and access those side buttons.


How to Clean a Clear iPhone Case

Clear cases are a swanky look they stop being clear because you got them dirty. Fingerprints, oils and everyday exposure can turn a clear iPhone case grimy or yellowish, so clean yours regularly. To clean a clear iPhone case, remove it from your phone and wash it in a mixture of dish soap and water. If it’s looking particularly grubby, consider using baking soda to give it an extra good scrub. Finally, use rubbing alcohol to regularly disinfect your case and keep it looking fresh for longer.


1. Otterbox Symmetry Clear Series for iPhone 12/12 Pro


Unlike many of the other models on this list, the Otterbox is made from a plastic-synthetic rubber mix, adding that extra layer of protection and shock absorbency you want in a clear iPhone case. The one-piece design is super slim for a comfy fit. More importantly, the company promises the case passes three times as many drop tests as military standard. There are also raised edges around both the screen and the camera; it works with wireless chargers so you don’t need to remove the case every time you power up; and it’s compatible with Otterbox screen protectors if you do want that extra layer of protection on the front.

Clear iPhone case


2. Mkeke iPhone 11 Clear Case With Shock Absorption


This clear case is the top-rated cell phone sleeve on Amazon with nearly 80,000 reviews averaging 4.5 stars. The design features a comfortable, curved grip that’s easy to hold and it’s raised along the back camera wall to help protect the phone’s camera. Users love how the material is flexible but firm for a perfect fit.

Clear iPhone case


3. TORRAS Crystal Clear Compatible for iPhone 11 Pro Case


This ultra-slim selection for the iPhone 11 features X-Shock patented technology to keep your phone safe from cracks without bulking up your pocket. There are raised lips on the back for extra camera protection (you may still want to invest in a separate camera cover) and a rubberized bumper for a comfy grip. The TPU (read: plastic) material also features a microdot pattern to keep it from yellowing.

Clear iPhone case


4. Case Mate BLOX Clear for iPhone 13


If you want a clear iPhone case that works with all chargers, including MagSafe chargers, Case Mate has you covered. This model is specifically designed to work with MagSafe chargers thanks to its own built-in magnets. But it also has a slew of other features, including a soft-touch precision fit, 10-foot drop protection and built-in antimicrobial case technology. We like that it’s made with plant-based materials, and we especially love that it comes with a lifetime warranty.

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Courtesy of Case Mate


5. Otterbox Prefix Series for iPhone 13


If you’ve invested in the latest Apple technology, you may as well invest a few more dollars for a good case. Like most Otterbox designs, this polycarbonate offering has been drop-tested to meet military standards in order to give your phone a longer life. There are raised edges along the screen and camera for extra protection, and the one-piece design is slim with a soft grip for lightweight and comfy use. We also love that it is wireless-charger compatible, so you don’t need to fuss with it every single time you charge your device.

Clear iPhone case


6. JETech iPhone 11 Case


This sleek and ultra-affordable clear iPhone case comes with all of the standard features you need to protect your phone, including a shockproof bumper, a scratch-resistant backing and raised bezels to help protect the screen and camera. More than 19,000 Amazon reviewers have given this case a collective 4.7-star rating, raving about the lack of watermarks, snug fit and slim design.

Clear iPhone case


7. TAURI 3 in 1 Defender for iPhone 13


If you’re looking for optimal iPhone 13 protection in a clear case, the Tauri covers all three basics: the phone, the screen and the camera. The three-in-one kit features military-grade shockproof protection with its plastic design, which also features anti-yellowing material to keep your phone looking sleek and sharp. Each order comes with two camera lens covers for that extra peace of mind, and the frame is soft enough for an easy grip that’s never sticky.

Clear iPhone case


8. Case Charming Customizable iPhone Case


No matter what size iPhone you have, get it customized with this versatile, clear iPhone case. It comes with your name in a cursive script so that you never have a case of mistaken phone identity again. Meanwhile, the font color is customizable so you can ensure it pops no matter what color your actual phone is. We like how the name is printed onto the actual case (rather than using a decal or sticker), ensuring it will last a long time.

Clear iphone case


9. ORIbox iPhone 11 Case


If you want a case that shows off your phone but still offers a pop of color, these iPhone cases come in a variety of clear colors like crystal blue, purple and gray. It also comes in crystal clear for a completely see-through look. The case itself is heavy-duty with protective raised lips and exact cutouts for ports and buttons. It’s got an inner shell and outer shell for extra, full-body protection, and features wireless charging capabilities.

Clear iPhone case


10. CASEKOO Crystal Clear iPhone 13 Case


This ultra-clear iPhone case features an anti-yellowing coating that also protects against natural oils in the skin. It’s cushioned for maximum shock absorbency, features flexible bumpers along the edges and has raised bezels to prevent scratches on the screen and camera. It also comes with a kickstand so you can easily set up a hands-free video or zoom call, plus it features that coveted MagSafe wireless charging.

Clear iPhone case


11. Temdan iPhone 12/12 Pro Case


This iPhone 12/12 Pro case is another slim fit pick that’s made from non-yellowing and finger-print-free German plastic. It features a military-grade shockproof design with a hard back and padding at the corners to avoid shattering if you do drop it. (Temdan touts more than 6,000 drop tests from a 6.5-foot drop height.) Meanwhile, the raised lips at the camera add that extra layer of protection for your photos and videos, and the minimalist design slips easily into your pocket.

Clear iPhone case


12. Elando Crystal Clear Case for iPhone 12/12 Pro


This sleek but heavy-duty clear iPhone case features slim camera lips (3.2 mm) and screen lips (1.4 mm) for protective but practical use. Overall, it adds less than 0.04 inches to your phone’s thickness. The minimalist, ergo-friendly design is deceiving though, with its 12 built-in airbags at the corners, crack-resistant plastic material and military-grade anti-fall capacity. It’s also got a diamond anti-oxidation layer to keep the case clear and pristine so you won’t worry about yellowing or grease build-up.

Clear iPhone case


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