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PSA: Amazon Can Fix Your Cracked Phone Screen For You

* Dropping your phone has become an owner’s biggest fear
* iPhone screens are notorious for cracking under the slightest pressure
* Amazon Home Services will send someone right to your home or office to repair it

It’s every phone owner’s biggest fear, and it is way too easy to do. Dropping your phone makes your heart skip a beat as you take a deep breath praying you got lucky and didn’t shatter your precious device. Unfortunately, it does crack, and you’re left with a pricey repair bill that adds stress and pricey costs to your week. Cracked phone screens are unappealing and a straight up hassle — especially because it could have been avoided simply by being a little more careful.

Fear not though, iPhone owner. Amazon Home Services is here to save the day, with its new Phone Repair On-Demand service.

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Amazon Home Services has rapidly expanded over the past few years, as one may imagine, and now offers countless different services for your home, from a cleaning service, lawn mowing, gutter cleaning and so much more. Amazon also paired with Apple to offer iPhone repairs for those who are dealing with a cracked screen or other mechanical problems.

The first step to getting what feels like celebrity treatment for your broken phone is booking an appointment online that works for you. Some appointments are available as early as the next day, and you can choose where you wish to have the repair done whether it be your home, office or even a local coffee shop. Simply enter an exact address and Amazon comes right to you.

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All parts and service fees are included in the price you see at checkout, and Amazon is super comparable to other popular repair places which really means it’s a great deal because you save time by them coming to you. Amazon says that most repairs only take between 30 to 60 minutes, and you can wait and watch while your phone is getting repaired.

Also, there’s no charge at all if your phone is just a little too broken for the repair specialist to handle. Hopefully you never get to that point. They fix iPhone models as early as the iPhone 5 and as new as the iPhone 8 Plus. Although they do not offer services on the iPhone X yet, it may be an added to their lengthy list in the future.

With nearly 2,000 reviews and almost 4.8/5 stars from extremely pleased customers, consider giving it a try the next time you get unlucky when your phone slips from your grip.

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