Mysterious Mousepads: The 7 Craziest Perches for Your Mice

unicorn mouse pad
Image courtesy of Amazon

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* Liven your work or home office with an original mousepad
* From internet memes to interstellar sights, these perches hit all the right notes
* Choose a style that best suits your personality

Tired of your same old, boring mousepad? Whether you’re in the market for a new mousepad or simply want to give your office space a little more personality, these manic mousepads are sure to liven your day.

From doggos to pizza, unicorns and more, there’s something fun for everyone.

1. Moon Mousepad

We’re certain you’ll love this mousepad to the moon and back. This stunning circular mousepad features a beautifully detailed image of the moon and a super smooth surface, making it easier to scroll your mouse while keeping your head in the clouds.

Moon Mousepad Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Pizza Time

The quality of the print makes it realistic enough for you to want to eat it — aldough we don’t recommend it. Not crazy about pizza? No prob. You can also order a bagel, donut or cookie mousepad, too.

pizza mousepad Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Rambo Cat on a Unicorn

Because who doesn’t want a mousepad of a cat riding a unicorn? It’s the internet’s two favorite things mixed into one awesome 9 x 7 mousepad. Enforced with a non-slip rubber grip, your mouse deserves the best, and what’s better than a Rambo cat riding a fire-breathing unicorn?

rambo cat mousepad Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Dog Taco

Yes, it’s a taco. And a doggo. And they’re floating in space. And they tell you to follow your dreams. What else could you ask for? Made with extra soft materials and sporting a non-slick underside rubber grip, this motivational mousepad works with all devices.

doge taco mousepad Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Sloth Astronaut

Slow and steady wins the space race… well, at least in this case it does. This eco-friendly mousepad is sure to make you smile every time you look at it and is a great addition to any home or office workspace. C’mon, just look at that cute little slothy face.

sloth astronaut mousepad Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Beware the Death Star

Unlike the “real” Death Star, this beautiful-looking mousepad doesn’t have a secret vulnerability for you to worry about. Sporting an incredibly detailed design, the foam mousepad is also extra thick — offering more support and better stability. If only the original Death Star thought of that…

death star mousepad Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Picard’s Famous Facepalm

Feeling the Monday morning blues? Captain Picard feels your pain. This officially-licensed Star Trek mousepad features a polyester surface, rubber bottom and an incredibly clear printed image. Set your phasers to laugh.

picard facepalm mousepad Image courtesy of Think Geek