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7 Sleek and Sustainable Eco-Friendly Smartphone Cases

If you’re trying to be more eco-friendly, one of the easiest changes you can make is to look at the stuff you use every day. For example, you might have already switched your plastic water bottles for a reusable one, and ditched the single-use shopping bag for a canvas tote bag. Another small step you can take is to buy an eco-friendly phone case.

In addition to plastic waste, electronics waste is a big issue for the environment, especially considering how frequently people upgrade their phones. And every time you buy a new phone, you have to get a new case. A small way to reduce your impact is to get a stylish phone case that’s made from eco-friendly materials. That way, when you upgrade your device, you won’t have another piece of plastic to throw away.

There are basically two main approaches to making eco-friendly cases. The first is to fabricate the case from natural ingredients, ranging from bamboo to cornstarch. Cases made from natural ingredients are often biodegradable and compostable, and they’re also less damaging to produce than plastic, which is derived from fossil fuels.

Another option is recycling. It’s no secret that there’s a lot of plastic waste in the ocean and in landfills. Some brands have made cases out of recycled fishing nets, while others have found a new life for old CD discs. Utilizing these materials gets them out of the ocean and landfills, helping to reduce their environmental impact. Whether you go for compostable materials or recycled plastic, you’re making a step up from using virgin plastic.

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1. Pela Biodegradable Phone Case


Pela leads the way in sustainability by designing alternative phone cases to reduce their carbon footprint. These highly durable cases available for iPhones and Android smartphones are biodegradable and are made with zero plastic. Instead, they utilize a plant-based material that actually offers better protection and more shock resistance than the average plastic case. They come in natural and brightly colored cases that fit a range of phones. They also partner with environmental organizations to keep plastic out of the ocean and protect marine life.

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Image Courtesy of PackageFree

2. Nimble Disc Case


A lot of eco-friendly cases look, well, eco-friendly. If you prefer something more minimal and streamlined, consider this impressive case from Nimble, which is 100% made from recycled compact discs. It has a scratch-resistant and anti-yellowing design, so the clear case will look good for as long as you have the phone. It’s only available for iPhones.

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Image Courtesy of Nimble

3. Casetify Custom Compostable Case


Many eco-friendly phone cases come from niche brands, but Casetify, one of the best-known phone case brands, is also getting in on the action with their custom compostable case. The biodegradable and compostable cases are made from unique natural materials like corn starch and bamboo. You can also customize the cases with your name. The case is available in a range of soothing colors.

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Image Courtesy of Casetify

4. Lifeproof Wake Case


Eco-friendly cases, and cases in general, can be hard to find for Samsung users, but Lifeproof offers cases that suit a wide range of iPhone and Samsung models, as well as cases for the Google Pixel. The stylish Wake case is constructed from different materials, 85% of which are recycled fishing nets. The stylish wave texture on the back is pleasing in the hand and will serve as a nice reminder of where the case came from.

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Image Courtesy of Lifeproof

5. MMORE Cases Phone Case with Wood Backing


Maybe you want a case that’s not only earth-friendly but looks the part, too. This case from MMORECases has sides made from biodegradable components like wheat straw, flax and PLA bioplastic. The most unique detail is the genuine wood panel on the back, available in either American walnut or ziricote.

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Image Courtesy of Etsy

6. Casemill  Landscape Biodegradable Phone


This case from Casemill is available for a range of iPhone and Samsung models, and it has a landscape image of mountains on the case in pleasant earth tone colors. It’s made without the use of plastic and features bioplastics and bamboo-based polymer. It’s designed to be compatible with wireless chargers as well.

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Image Courtesy of Etsy

7. MMORE Cases Eco-friendly Phone Case Orange


This case from MMOREcases is made from eco-friendly materials, and it has an appealing burnt orange color. It’s available for a range of iPhones, which are the 6, 7, 8, SE2 and 11 Pro. The case is made from wheat straw, flax and PLA bioplastic.

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Image Courtesy of Etsy

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