Clean Your Screen With Your Shirt For the Last Time

These Electronic Cleaning Wipes Will Keep
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* Designed to remove excess off phones, tablets and computers
* Alcohol, ammonia and fragrance-free
* Individually wrapped for easy, on-the-go use

Considering how often we stare at our screens everyday, it’s amazing how much grime and dirt can build up without us even noticing. To keep your phones, computers and tablets spot-free, consider these Spruce & Co. Screen Cleaning Wipes.

Individually-wrapped, these cleaning wipes are ideal to remove any dirt from your electronics. By using our phones everyday, our screens are bound to accumulate some muck from time to time. Keeping these Spruce & Co. wipes handy is a great way to keep your screen visible and clean 24/7.

The wipes are also perfect for any computer or tablets you use. Alcohol and ammonia-free, these lightweight wipes ensure that your electronics are simply being cleaned, not contaminated. Also fragrance free, these cleaning materials won’t add any strong cleaning aromas to your workspace. Packed in colorful foil, these on-the-go wipes are excellent to keep on you at all times. Derived from a plant-based and vegan material, use these wipes to remove any unnecessary excess from your expensive devices.

electronic cleaning wipes

Made in the USA, Spruce & Co. created these practical wipes in order to solve an everyday problem. Instead of using your shirt or wasting kitchen wipes on your precious screens, these wipes can help clean without damaging your phone. Using harmful chemicals on your phone or tablets to clean it can result in broken or damaged phone speakers, or even a face breakout when you eventually press your phone close to you.

Designed with you in mind, the company’s founders came up with a simple, plant-based product to keep your electronics squeaky clean and damage-free.

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