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Never Lose Your Keys Again With MYNT’s Electronic Tracker

* Sounds off when you lose the item you’ve attached it to
* Compact enough to track pretty much anything
* Stainless steel shell for durability

It’s happened to everyone at some point: the harried search for lost keys, the phone left behind, that remote that’s been missing for… ever. But all that can change with a handy little device from MYNT. Their electronic tracker, seen here, is the tiny life saver you’ve been waiting for. It keeps track of anything you attach it to, ending those aimless and frustrating searches.

With a thickness of only 1/8 of an inch, the MYNT tracker can pretty much attach itself to anything — loop it on a key ring through its included hole or tape in onto valuables like your laptop.

As an out-of-range alarm, your smartphone will alert you if you leave your keys or wallet behind. It’s also a bi-directional tracker, so if the smartphone is what you’re always losing, you can press and hold the button on your MYNT to make the phone ring, even if set on silent. It works for losing big things, too. MYNT makes finding your car easier than ever: it saves your parking location and even gives you walking directions back to its location.

It’s not all business for the MYNT, though. This little tracker knows how to have fun, too. Use it as a presentation clicker, music remote, or as a selfie shutter — it’s a great alternative to the dreaded selfie stick. And with all the time you’ll save not looking for missing stuff, there should be plenty of opportunities to play those perks.


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