Kindle Kin: The 7 Best Accessories for Your Amazon Kindle Reader

Essential Kindle Accessories: The 7 Best
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If you use a Kindle Reader, you know you never want to be caught without it. But, if you’re not prepared, it could lose power and you’d have no way to recharge it. And if you’re not careful, you could drop and break it. But, here are eight essential accessories for keeping your Kindle ready to read.

1. Amazon 5-foot Micro-to-USB Cable

It’s hard to charge your Kindle if you don’t have this necessary Amazon 5-foot Micro-to-USB Cable. It’s the same cord that comes with your Kindle. But, we know how easy it is to lose those. So, here’s your backup. It connects your charging USB wall wart to your Kindle so you can get back to reading right away.

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2. NuPro Anti-Glare Screen Protector

Even though Kindle takes steps to reduce screen glare, it’s hard to get rid of it entirely. But with the NuPro Anti-Glare Screen Protector, you can cut down screen glare even further while also protecting your Kindle screen from drops and scratches. It’s designed to fit perfectly on your Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite (7th Generation).

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3. MoKo Protective Sleeve for Kindle

The MoKo Protective Sleeve for Kindle is made of soft felt that carries comfortably in hand and protects your Kindle from drop shock. It features lining material that’s mold-proof, wear-resistant and won’t scratch your device. There’s even a bonus pocket for your cell phone, earphones or keys. And it’s super stylish, too.

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4. Fintie SmartShell Case for Kindle Paperwhite

No matter which fun color or style you select, the Fintie SmartShell Case for Kindle Paperwhite is the thinnest and lightest protective covering you can get for it. It’s made from durable synthetic leather and features a soft interior that prevents scratches. There’s also a magnetic clasp enclosure to secure it shut.

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5. Amazon 9-watt PowerFast USB Charger

The Amazon 9-watt PowerFast USB Charger is the official power adapter of the Kindle. It’s compatible with most devices and features a USB port for fast charging. Works on Kindle, Fire Tablets, Fire Phone, Fire Keyboard, and charges them all in less than five hours. A must own.

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6. Harry Potter Spell Book Kindle Case

This Harry Potter Book of Spells Book Cover Kindle Case is handmade in England using high quality materials and traditional bookbinding techniques. It perfectly imitates the look and feel of a classic hard back book while holding your Kindle comfortably inside. (Love Harry Potter? We’ve got more gift ideas here).

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7. Kindle PowerFast International Charging Kit

You wouldn’t dare travel the world without your Kindle. So, don’t leave home without the Kindle PowerFast International Charging Kit. It features six, twist-on power adapter heads that are compatible in over 200 countries and work on a wide variety of Kindle devices.

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