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This External Battery Charger Is Your Go-To When You’re On the Go

* Detects device type to deliver fastest possible charge
* Top ring indicates remaining battery power
* Unique loop design makes it easy to attach to carabiner

We are a generation that is constantly on the move. With technology that keeps us connected wherever we go, the world and its many roads has become our virtual office. Most executives these days find themselves doing work in a coffee shop, in an Uber, or on a plane. We are unplugged and out and about. For this reason, it’s important to have a trusty external battery charger to keep your phone and tablet going. After all, we need to make sure we stay connected for those important board meetings via Skype or those in-the-moment business decisions in Slack. That’s why this new external battery charger from Wecele is so helpful. With a unique design and incredibly fast charging rates, this battery will be your go-to when you’re out on the go. 

external battery charger wecele

The Wecele 5200 mAh Ultra-Compact Portable Charger is an external battery pack that gets the job done in style. With a 2.1A input and output, this battery will not only charge an iPhone 7 in about an hour, it itself can also be recharged to full capacity in an hour.

Its on-board chip will detect the device type you are trying to charge and deliver the fastest possible charging speed. This charger also boasts a convenient loop design at the top of the battery, which conveniently attaches to a carabiner or bag strap. The loop doubles as a power gauge with LED indicators that show exactly how much juice this battery has left. You’ll never miss out on an important board room decision because your phone died on you.

This external battery is available in a range of colors and also boasts a nice, non-slip grip to its surface. Take a look at Wecele’s external battery charger and keep your mobile office essentials charged as you are out and about on your next adventure. 

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