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Never Worry About Storage Space Again with the WD 4 Terabyte My Cloud Personal Network Attached Storage

So often we wear our computers down by overloading their memories with files, movies, and music. Freeing up storage can seem like such a daunting task that we sometimes opt to buy new computers instead of just deleting files. Fear no longer, the WD 4 Terabyte external hard drive is the solution to all of your storage problems.

The My Cloud Personal Network Attached Storage automatically backs up all of your files on any PC or Mac device onto your My Cloud account. Never worry about losing another photo or video. The network instantly backs up all of your photos and videos so you’ll always have them saved, but they’ll never take up space on your devices.

It’s easy to centralize and allocate specific categories of files to certain locations on this external hard drive. You can even synchronize your files across various devices and computers so that you can access them from wherever you are.

At just $150.98, this versatile external hard drive system comes with a gigabit Ethernet, so your file transfers will be lightning fast. At only 2.19 pounds this device is practically light as a feather and perfect for those are on the road for work or like to travel.

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