A Wallet That Charges Your iPhone? Now That’s Money

Nomad Wallet
Image courtesy Amazon

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* A wallet, power bank and USB cord all in one
* Enough power to fully charge an iPhone
* Slim design is less than an inch thick

We’re always the lookout for tech gadgets that make your life more manageable. We like external batteries to extend your phone charge, but the question we’re often left asking when it comes to power banks is: does anyone really want to carry one more thing throughout the day? Answer: Not anymore.

Crafted from rugged saffiano leather, the Nomad Wallet features a built-in 2400 mAh battery with enough stored power to fully charge your smartphone. This bi-fold wallet has eight card slots and an MFI-certified lightning cable that fits the iPhone. At a mere 0.75-inches thick, it sacrifices neither style nor practicality for the man on-the-go.

To be sure, any external battery comes in handy when your phone is dying, and there’s no available outlet. Even then, you still have to carry it around all day, as well as a USB cord. The Nomad Wallet kills three birds with one stone. It keeps your cash and cards safe and organized, provides back-up power for your iPhone, and eliminates the need to carry a USB cord everywhere you go.

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