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Get a Fast Wireless Charging Stand with 4,100 5-Star Ratings for Under $20

Say goodbye to those pesky cords and replace it with this 5-star fast charging wireless charger instead. Find out more from Boy Genius Report and shop below:

From BGR:
If you can get a decent fast wireless charger for around $20 or less, you can pat yourself on the back knowing that you got a good deal. If you can get a top-rated fast wireless charger with 4,100 5-star ratings for only $17.99, you’re basically the king of bargain hunting. The Seneo WaveStand 014 Wireless Charging Stand is a tremendous value at $18, offering 7.5W fast wireless charging for iPhones as well as 10W fast wireless charging for Android phones. Quantities are limited though, so you better hurry up!

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This world-leading wireless charger features 2 charging modes that support both iOS and Android phones. It boasts temperature protection, input voltage protection and short circuit protection to ensure your device stays protected throughout the charging process.

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