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Control All of Your Phone Apps and Features With the Push of a Button

* One button: 3 commands
* Easy 3-step setup
* Available in 5 different colors

Here is an interesting concept: what if you didn’t have to get your phone out for every little task you wanted to perform? Flic, the wireless smart button, is here to help solve this problem. Flic is a button that connects to your iOS or Android device and essentially creates a shortcut to your favorite actions on your phone.

Flic has endless possibilities. With one “Flic,”  you can call you a cab, control your music, share your location and even send messages. Flic works by connecting to your phone via Bluetooth Low Energy. Basically, you program the button through the app on your phone and choose which actions you want to trigger when you click, double-click or hold down your button. Each button allows you to assign up to three functions simultaneously. Flic can also control your smart home by allowing you to control your on/off features and it can act as a safety device by letting you sound the alarm and send a distress message.

[caption id="attachment_23132" align="aligncenter" width="606"]Flic Wireless Smart Button Amazon Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]

Flic is convenient. At just over an inch wide, it comes with a reusable adhesive sticker so you can affix it to any surface and move it around if needed. A clip is also included with your button to enable you to wear it on your clothes and take it everywhere you go. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android devices, has a battery that is good for at least a year and is weather and dust resistant.

A device borne from the need for convenience and efficiency, Flic is way faster than having to unlock your phone, choose the right app and select the right function every time you want something. Now, everything you need is available at the “Flic” of a button.