This Roll Up Keyboard is Just the Thing You Need on Business Trips

foldable keyboard sungwoo
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* Ultra slim and compact keyboard
* Rolls up for easy storage
* Plug and play 

Business travel comes with the territory these days. It’s not uncommon to hit the road for a few days every month. When you do, you have your trusty phone, laptop or tablet with you. But one thing that doesn’t always work out with those devices is the keyboard. These days, keyboards on laptops have been getting smaller and smaller, while the touch-screen tablets make it nearly impossible to type at a regular speed.

As for phones, they make them compact, but that doesn’t help with our need to type. In answer to this dilemma, we’ve spotted this foldable keyboard that will stow away nice and easily in your luggage and be there when you need it for some serious typing. 

waterproof keyboard sungwoo

Sungwoo’s foldable keyboard is the answer to all of your travel needs. It comes with a USB connector that makes it easy to simply plug and play with your current hardware (say, with your trusty tablet). In addition, this silicone keyboard is easy to roll up and store in your luggage. It won’t take up a lot of room, but it will be there when you need it. Finally, as we know happens all too often, this keyboard is waterproof and will not fail you when the inevitable coffee spill hits it.

Whether you are working from a tablet or a sub-notebook, this full-size keyboard with keypad will come in handy while you’re out on the road and need to get some work done, easily and efficiently.

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