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Get Military Grade Drop Protection With This Flip-Out Phone Case

* Phone case for your Galaxy S8 Plus with a multitude of additional functions
* Includes hidden slot for holding credit cards and a built-in magnetic lock stand
* Made from tough polycarbonate to provide extreme protection from scrapes and drops

We can now say for certain that we live in the time of the smartphone. With wide-ranging capabilities and ever increasing specs, it’s about time your smartphone was covered by a “smart” case.

This type of protection has arrived in the form of Vena’s flip wallet case for the Galaxy S8 Plus. Offering everything a normal phone case does and then some, it also comes with a host of handy additional features worthy of the modern-day James Bond. And just like your smartphone, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without such a smart case.

The heavy duty cover is made from a sturdy dual-layer polycarbonate, which provides protection from significant drops. This material has been tested using military standards. The tough exterior also prevents your phone from getting scratched or bumped during the rigors of day-to-day life.

Inside the back plate of the case, you will find a handy hidden card slot which is ideal for storing your credit and ID cards when you don’t fancy carrying a wallet around with you.

For entertainment lovers, the case also features a built-in magnetic stand to offer easy viewing of your movies and photos.

In addition, the multi-talented flip case is compatible with magnetic car mounts to keep you hands-free behind the wheel. It’s a simple and quick way to make sure you never miss a call or make a wrong turn.

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